“I thru-hiked the PCT in 2014 with the ULA Catalyst. ULA did everything a thru hiker could ask for with great customer service and availability; I could talk to them and not be sent to voicemail. The pack is tougher than advertised, 2,600 miles of trail and I still use it – certainly got my money’s worth! All of those huge pockets meant I was drinking water, eating snacks, finding my rain gear without ever going inside my pack. Simply said, I was walking when others had to shut down. At 59 years old I crossed the Canadian border in under four months with a ULA pack and it was worth every dollar I spent on it!”

Jeff "Raggs" Hersey

“Hey, I recently received a couple of CDT’s; one for me, one for my dad. Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the pack. AMAZING construction. Really man, I would pay $300 for this $135 pack. The CDT is cheaper than any other “boutique USA” pack I’ve tried for the size, and whops em all. I’m just really impressed man. IMPECCABLE bar tacks, the first thing I look at on packs is the bar tacks. You win the bar tack competition by far. Not a flaw on the thing. Okay I’m done, great job, the new side pockets ROCK too. Highly impressed here. I hope you continue to do well with these packs. They are the best.”


“I did not do any backpacking for nearly twenty years. Now at age 67 the call of the trail came in loud and clear, could not be denied. After much looking around and many questions asked, I decided to order the Circuit. The people at ULA provided incredibly good customer service and communication. Shipped promptly and followed up. Good product info included. First trip; a five day trip on the Superior Hiking Trail. My pack was immediately totally comfortable and so easy to adjust. Next year I’ll thru-hike the entire SHT, plus Isle Royal, not a doubt about my pack. Many thanks and happy trails.”


My Catalyst came today. Here is my reaction: I love it, I love it, I love it! Let me count the ways:
1. Color. As a woman, my primary agenda in shopping is always color. The pack is much prettier in real life than in pictures!
2. Snack bags. Maybe you designed them for things like maps or do-dad pockets, but they are snack bags to me, and I adore them.
3. The fit. Did you have me in mind when you made this bag? Surely, you must have. I am flattered that you used me as your model.
Much thanks for designing such a wonderful bag. And thanks to the happy hikers I met for recommending this pack. Happy camper.

Wendy "Yum Yum"

“I just took the CDT out for its first shakedown hike. I am not only overly impressed but found a new sense of excitement. I usually cut off all the excess stuff, but there are some things I might just keep and give them a rundown on the trail.”

Tattoo Joe

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I’m enjoying my ULA Circuit pack. I’ve gone through several packs in the past year and I now know that I’ve found my pack. I love it!”


“I got the Catalyst today and it’s one of the most incredible packs I’ve ever encountered; I love it! Thanks again for all your help!”


“Received the Epic today, very pleased with this setup, and it fit like a glove too! Thanks to you and your staff. What a fine product. Couldn’t ask for anything better. This really is the Cadillac of Backpacks!”


“Just wanted to thank for the quick shipment to Finland. The backpack is a piece of perfection and well made. Many thanks to you all and happy trails!”