70L Duffle Bag


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WEIGHT: 15 – 17 OZ | 425 – 482 GM
VOLUME: 4,272 CU IN | 70 L
DIMENSIONS: 30″ L X 14.5″ W X 10″ T | 76 CM L x 37 CM W x 25.5 CM T

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The ULA 70L Duffle Bag is a no-frills, lightweight, and durable carry-all. These duffles were designed with zero loose straps and to perfectly fit a ULA pack (pictured above carrying a ULA Circuit) making them the ideal airline hauler for backcountry or overseas expeditions. Long carry straps also allow the bag to be carried like a backpack or over the shoulder.  Not leaving town? They also make great bags for hauling climbing gear to the mountain, carrying sports equipment, or for heading out of town for the weekend.

Need something a little bigger? Try our 90L Duffle Bag, or if you're looking for something with a little more organization, our 90L DLX Duffle Bag.

Available in the same great colors as our pack line! Original Green, Black, Red, Orange and Blue Blaze duffles are sewn with our 400 Robic Fabric, the toughest stuff ounce for ounce we've ever seen. The Multicam Camo duffle is sewn with 500 Cordura Fabric. The Cordura is not quite as tear resistant and a little heavier than the Robic, adding an extra 2 oz to the total duffle weight. Either way, this is one tough duffle.

For Duffle Bag color customizations** contact Rodney: E | rodney@ula-equipment.com P | 435.753.5190

** NOTE: Custom charges are not refundable and returned custom duffles will be assessed a restocking fee.


  • ■ Double Sewn Seams Reinforced with Bartacks
  • ■ Premium YKK Zippers with 2.5" Zipper Pull for Ease of Use
  • ■ 1.5" Webbing Carry Handles on Top
  • ■ 1.5" Webbing Carry Handles on Both Ends
  • ■ Zero Loose Straps


TRAIL NAME EMBROIDERY (+ $15.00): You can have your trail name, or your real name, embroidered on your duffle! Not only is it a nice personal touch, but it's a great way of identifying your duffle no matter how or where you travel. Simply write your trail name, or your name, exactly as you want it to appear on your duffle, in the text field above. Then, choose your thread color and font, and we'll personalize your duffle for you. Duffle bags that have trail names embroidered on them are still returnable, minus a $35.00 fee. The cost of the trail name is not refundable.


Overall: 30″ L X 14.5″ W X 10″ T | 76 CM L x 37 CM W x 25.5 CM T


TOTAL VOLUME: 4,272 CU IN | 70 L


400 ROBIC: 15 OZ | 425 GM
CORDURA: 17 OZ | 482 GM



With the exception of the MultiCam Camo Duffle (See Below.) all duffle bags are sewn with our new ULA 400 Robic fabric, the toughest stuff ounce for ounce we’ve ever seen.

Colors Available: Original Green, Black, Orange, Red, Blue Blaze


**The Multicam Camo Duffle is sewn with 500 Cordura Fabric. The Cordura is not quite as tear resistant and a little heavier than the Robic, adding an extra 2 OZ to the total duffle weight.

Colors Available: MultiCam Camo

22 reviews for 70L Duffle Bag

  1. Robert Dryden

    This is my go to bag for traveling. Loads of room and extremely durable. If I’m out camping it can store my dirty gear if needed. This duffle is a fantastic all around piece of equipment that I now take everywhere. Thanks ULA!!!

  2. Logan

    Huuuuuge duffle. I’ve used it with my ULA Circuit packed with all my gear, and still had lots of room to spare for extra items. I love the color because it stands out, durable, and lightweight. I do wish that it had a little bit more structure because if it’s not completely full, its a little wobbly. Overall great duffle, highly recommend

  3. Scotty B

    I love the size of this duffel. It’s perfect for throwing my pack and some extras into when I’m packing for a hike. Carries everything and keeps it all in one spot so it’s not all over in the back of the truck.

  4. Kyle Graves

    These ULA bags are simple and light weight. I have put them through the same paces as my North Face bags which are much heavier. The ULA bags have held up perfectly. They are the right price, pack down small, durable, and perform. Keep up the good work and keep it simple.

  5. Corinne Cooney

    This bag is even more beautiful in person! I used it immediately to transport my backpack (loaded) and my boots and poles with checked luggage. Everything traveled beautifully! Everyone knows how rough airlines are with things and there isn’t a bit of wear on the bag. I’ve used it since for various car trips – still looks brand new and the quality of stitching and Zippers is great. Mine is purple and I ❤️ it!! Highly recommend .

  6. Nissa

    Love this duffel! I originally bought it to transport my pack when traveling by plane, but this duffel works for EVERYTHING you would need a bag for. Keeps all the straps in my pack secure through travel and allows me to check in the gear that cannot be carried on, like my trekking poles. This duffel is well built, lightweight, and roomy enough for all my gear!

  7. Coach T, Osakis XC

    LOVE this duffel. We use it for a little more abstract application than most. I’m a cross country coach and we have a lot of different items that we bring with us to every meet we run at. Things like foam rollers and rolling sticks, tape, blankets, food etc. I special ordered this bag because I wanted something large enough to hold all of our miscellaneous items, be water resistant so things in it didn’t get drenched in bad weather and most of all I needed it to be durable because teenage kids are about as tough on gear as you can get. I have been very impressed with this bag. We’ve had 3 meets in the rain and nothing inside has gotten wet yet. We’ve been using it for 9 weeks, 10 meets and who knows how many times it’s been stepped on, thrown around, just generally abused and it still looks like new condition. I’m not sure how, but it does. It’s an all around amazing bag!

  8. Matt

    Solid duffel for toting your gear around. I have used it for my fully loaded backpacking gear as well as a recent fishing trip. This duffel swallowed it all up and didn’t show scratch after being thrown around.

  9. Seth J.

    Loving this duffle thus far! I got mine in orange and it has held up well. Great for packing up my pack and throwing everything in the car or checked baggage. Great construction yet lightweight. Will use it for years to come.

  10. Toby Schellhase

    I like ULA’s backpacks, but I love these duffel bags! They are very sturdy and I use mine to transport my Circuit and throw in any other “stuff” that needs to be transported. I’ve used other name brand duffel bags in the past and they have all either ripped or the zipper has popped off. No problems with ULA. Buy with confidence and don’t look back!

  11. Claire

    Awesome travel bag- this has quickly become my go to bag for long trips, medical mission trips, work trips, you name it. I fill it up, sling it on my bag like a backpack and get where I need to go. It’s durable, and I know I’ve got ULA’s warranty to back it.highly recommend!

  12. Garrett

    I use my ULA duffle literally almost every weekend. It holds so much and is insanely durable.

    I’ve used this just for day trips, I have brought it on several plane trips(checked baggage), and I even brought it with my car camping to lug all my junk around. It still looks new and has held up to the beating I’ve given it. I would definitely suggest this to anyone.

  13. Bonnie Black

    I love my duffel! It is durable and can stand the abuse I put it through. I use it for camping and traveling and it hasn’t worn at all. I got the 70 and it holds plenty of gear! I would recommend buying the ULA if you are looking for a duffel!

  14. Shayna

    I absolutely love this duffel! It’s perfect for packing my three girls clothes for car camping or keeping our packs while traveling to the trailhead. I have 3 and love them!

  15. Warren

    This cavernous bag is amazing. I absolutely load it down with gear on trips. We pack a lot of gear for shows and it holds a ton of it. The bag itself is very sturdy and exemplifies the quality you’d expect from ULA. The Zippers are extremely smooth and they close up easily when the bag is packed with gear. I highly recommend one.

  16. Rusty

    I have no complaints with this bag! I used it to protect my fully loaded Circuit and gear through the airport on my Tour du Mont Blanc in Europe this year! The bag preformed phenomenally with showing absolutely no signs of wear while protecting all of my gear. The only suggestion I have is to incorporate the two zippers to accept a TSA lock. ULA Thank you for all of your high quality gear!

  17. Courtney

    This bag is amazing! Every time I think I can’t fit anything else, I’m wrong!! It’s well built and super durable. My husband and I both have one, and it is our go to duffle bag for any extended trips, or car camping. Absolutely worth the money. No complaints here.

  18. Andrea Burns

    I bought two of these to use when flying with our backpacking gear. They are huge! The stitching and workmanship is phenomenal as usual for ULA. This is the ideal way to safely travel with all your gear and to make sure it’s all there when you reach your destination.

  19. William Leach

    Would buy again and again and again. Got two of them in differing colors with different customized names embroidered on them . Was going to give one to a friend as a gift but loved them both so much I kept them together as a pair. Love the bags, as they are the only ones I use and I do have other brands.

  20. Dave Trowbridge

    Bought this to haul my kids clothes back and forth to college. It certainly has the ULA quality in every stitch. He can cram nearly all his clothes in this bag and it still looks brand new. Tough, durable and lightweight. Everything I think of when I think ULA

  21. Jake

    Love my ULA duffel!
    Helps keep straps and everything safe wheb i transport thorough airports and even just from home to trail head.

    Even if im not transporting a backpack its just a great all around travel bag! Room for everything! A+ construction as you would expect from anything from ULA

  22. Josh

    These things are phenomenal! I used this duffle to transport my circuit and check it atthe airport. This duffle still looked brand new after the trip! I now use it in the field for upland hunting. It has carried my gear several times and I’ve been pretty hard on this thing. Looks good and is super durable.

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