90L Duffle Bag


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WEIGHT: 17 – 20 OZ | 482 – 567 GM
VOLUME: 5,492 CU IN | 90 L
DIMENSIONS: 30″ L X 14.5″ W X 12.5″ T | 76 CM L x 37 CM W x 32 CM T

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A slightly larger version of the 70L Duffle, the ULA 90L Duffle Bag is a no-frills, lightweight, and durable carry-all. These duffles were designed with zero loose straps, and to perfectly fit a ULA pack (pictured above carrying a ULA Circuit) with a little room left over, making them the ideal airline hauler for backcountry or overseas expeditions . Long carry straps also allow the bag to be carried like a backpack or over the shoulder. Not leaving town? They also make great bags for hauling climbing gear to the mountain, carrying sports equipment, or for heading out of town for the weekend.

Need something a little smaller? Try our 70L Duffle Bag, or if you're looking for something the same size but with a little more organization, try our 90L DLX Duffle Bag.

Available in the same great colors as our pack line! Original Green, Black, Red, Orange and Blue Blaze duffles are sewn with our 400 Robic Fabric, the toughest stuff ounce for ounce we've ever seen. The Multicam Camo duffle is sewn with 500 Cordura Fabric. The Cordura is not quite as tear resistant and a little heavier than the Robic, adding an extra 2 oz to the total duffle weight. Either way, this is one tough duffle.

For Duffle Bag color customizations** contact Rodney: E | rodney@ula-equipment.com P | 435.753.5190

** NOTE: Custom charges are not refundable and returned custom duffles will be assessed a restocking fee.


  • ■ Double Sewn Seams Reinforced with Bartacks
  • ■ Premium YKK Zippers with 2.5" Zipper Pull for Ease of Use
  • ■ 1.5" Webbing Carry Handles on Top
  • ■ 1.5" Webbing Carry Handles on Both Ends
  • ■ Zero Loose Straps


TRAIL NAME EMBROIDERY (+ $15.00): You can have your trail name, or your real name, embroidered on your duffle! Not only is it a nice personal touch, but it's a great way of identifying your duffle no matter how or where you travel. Simply write your trail name, or your name, exactly as you want it to appear on your duffle, in the text field above. Then, choose your thread color and font, and we'll personalize your duffle for you. Duffle bags that have trail names embroidered on them are still returnable, minus a $35.00 fee. The cost of the trail name is not refundable.


Overall: 30″ L X 14.5″ W X 12.5″ T | 76 CM L x 37 CM W x 32 CM T


TOTAL VOLUME: 5,492 CU IN | 90 L


400 ROBIC: 17 OZ | 482 GM
CORDURA: 20 OZ | 567 GM



With the exception of the MultiCam Camo Duffle (See Below.) all duffle bags are sewn with our new ULA 400 Robic fabric, the toughest stuff ounce for ounce we’ve ever seen.

Colors Available: Original Green, Black, Orange, Red, Blue Blaze


**The Multicam Camo Duffle is sewn with 500 Cordura Fabric. The Cordura is not quite as tear resistant and a little heavier than the Robic, adding an extra 3 OZ to the total duffle weight.

Colors Available: MultiCam Camo

25 reviews for 90L Duffle Bag

  1. Matt Long

    I am late to the game posting my review but I was one of the original purchasers of this duffel back in Feb 2018. I have used it on numerous trips when I needed to take a plane and put my gear in one container. It fit my pack and all my gear without any problems. The material is amazing. Holds up well and still looks as new as when I bought it. The great thing for me is that the duffle is very collapsible so when I get to my destination and unload my gear I can toss this in the bottom of my pack if I need to while I am out on the trail. Weighs practically nothing but is a great piece of equipment.

  2. Kip Bissell (verified owner)

    Wow!!!! Got my 90L duffle today! I’ve been looking for a tough bag to take on my Everest Base Camp Trek in September. This big boy does the bill at a very reasonable price. Typical ULA top notch construction and fast shipping. This duffle will last for many many years!

  3. Devin

    This bag has now been to three different continents with me. It is by far the best duffel bag on the market. At this price point you could afford to buy 10 of them and they would last you the rest of your life and you would never have to buy another bag again. I can’t believe I ever spent money on any other duffel bag, because these are just that much better.

  4. Jacob

    Love my ula circut, and this duffel protects it during flights and travel between home and the trailhead!

    Super light, durable, an all around great bag and investment to keep your pack safe during transit!

  5. Marin Vaughn

    This bag is super useful! I have crammed it full of clothes and kid stuff for week long family vacation, I’ve also used it for just a quick trip and sorted of looped the carrying strap through the grab handles on the ends to squish the bag down smaller when I don’t have much in it. I love that I can unzip it so there are no hidden corners. Really pleased with this purchase. Great quality for a great price.

  6. Kyle Graves

    These ULA bags are simple and light weight. I have put them through the same paces as my North Face bags which are much heavier. The ULA bags have held up perfectly. They are the right price, pack down small, durable, and perform. Keep up the good work and keep it simple.

  7. John W

    This duffel is huge plenty huge for either all my hammock gear for when I go out of state or all my wife’s wares when we go on vacation. Durable as heck too. We are going to order the XL for a dedicated wife bag though love the work you guys do!

  8. Brandon

    They should rename this duffle “the abyss”, it will swallow everything you throw in it. I will spare you the litany of items mine has been able to carry with ease, but it easily made a trip over the pond to the UK and back without any visible wear. No gimmicky bells or whistles, just a solid duffle meant to carry stuff well. Bravo ULA, well done!

  9. Chris

    This bag is great. No Frills and none needed. If you need a bag to just throw things into and go, this is perfect. It’s gone on Hikes where where I just throw my hiking bag, my poles, and anything else i see fit into it and go. Then on the other hand it took everything I could stuff into it on a beach trip. Only needed one bag because of how much open space this bag gives you. Highly recommend.

  10. Melanie Klinner

    This duffel has been so versatile that I keep grabbing it for different things I never thought about when I bought it for hauling camping gear. I’ve loaded volleyball gear, clothes, beach condo essentials, fundraiser goodies, Costco sprees, and of course hauling camping gear just to name a few… anytime I just need a huge bag. It’s been great and held up like you would expect from ULA. I have several other large, heavy duty, base camp type duffel bags from other brands, and I almost didn’t buy this one because I didn’t think I really needed another duffel… but I haven’t used any of the others since I got this one. It’s so lightweight and much easier to carry around just in case I need it. I haven’t put it away with my camping gear because I keep grabbing it to use for random tasks. The only negative is that there isn’t a smaller size for me to buy to use as a gym bag! 🙂

  11. Justin

    Awesome duffel!!
    I got it to travel for work and it swallows everything I own for the road. My kid fits in it with room for two of him. It’s been extremely durable getting tossed around in the work truck. I will be getting the 70L for the road and keeping this 90L for my gear.

  12. Geoff Abell

    I used my 90L duffel recently on a trip to Wyoming. I loaded my ULA Circuit pack plus some extras in this duffel. It help up fantastic. I had numerous people ask me who made it. I continue to use mine for my car camping trips as well. This company makes exceptional gear. These duffels are now part of their growing list of must have equipment. I would 100% recommend these to anybody needing a great, durable duffle!

  13. Ilene Jamison

    I bought this duffle when going on a backpacking trip in Denmark. Since I was taking trekking poles which required checking my backpack, I was freaking out about checking my backpack. And then I found this duffel. It is very durable and roomy. My 55L backpack and boots easily fit into the bag, with plenty of room to spare! Highly recommend!

  14. Claire

    Perfect to carry gear for car camping. When you need to throw stuff in a bag before a trip, or even instead of neatly packing your go-to ULA pack for a car camping trip, this bag is perfect. Just load it up with literally anything you could need and get ready to roll. Sometimes it’s nice just to throw all the creature comforts in a duffle when you know you’re just walking from car to tent. Save that ohm for those long and light trips!

  15. Josh

    Awesome duffle. Use it for everything under the sun.

  16. GBotti

    Fantastic bag for travel. Holds my Circuit and a bunch of extras. After several flights it still looks brand new. Great quality. Only downside is that the handles can rub into your hands when carrying a lot of weight.

  17. GregB

    A must bring when I travel! Fits the Circuit and a bunch of other things beautifully. And it still looks new after being put through the ringer. Great bag!!

  18. James Lee

    Bought one, then a second, gave a third as a gift. The ultimate gear duffel. Took a three week road trip out west and filled two of them with sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets, tents, etc, everything. Great way to store when you are living out of your car. Impervious to dog drool too. Great product for a great price. We got names embroidered on the side too.

  19. Rebecca Torres

    I recently ordered the 90L duffle bag to haul my backpacking/camping gear around when I’m traveling. I chose the 90L because I needed something that would hold EVERYTHING including my BV450. This bag accommodates my 65L backpack, sleeping system, food can, tent & even my little camp chair. When I don’t need it, I can fold it up & stow it in my backpack or use it even as a liner in my pack. On a recent overnight paddle with a group of friends, I had several people ask me where I scored such a versatile bag. Of course, I shared the info & even gave them the link so they could look it up. They were impressed with the quality of the bag, how it’s able to hold so much gear & for less than $70, too! The only negative is that it’s not water proof. It is water resistant, but water will intrude thru the zippers. Realistically,tho, if you’re needing it to haul equipment to the car/to the campsite or airport to airport, it is perfect. Straps are sturdy & handily placed, the zipper opening is u-shaped, so you can really cram a ton of stuff in there. Oh, & if you like your equipment to be uniquely “you,” you can ask to have it customized in your favorite colors (multiple, if you like), your name, trail name, company name, or contact info. All-in-all, I feel I got a great bag at a great price.

  20. Marc Grossetti

    I bought a custom 90L a few months ago and although I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, I cannot say enough about ULA products and service. They’ve met all my expectations and more. This bag is well constructed and I can fit my Ohm plus much more in it. This company continues to shine and goes above and beyond to make their customers satisfied!

  21. Scott buff

    Hey there, Scott B here from Terrapin Outfitters. We were fortunate enough to be in on testing these most awesome duffels. Quality made as you’re use to, no frills greatness we all love.
    I personally have a few.
    Designated one to hold all my kayak gear. One to carry all my Hatchlings to events.
    There much more to say and admire about these duffles. But I’ll stop now so you can go order yourself one. You won’t be disappointed. 🤙🐢🤙
    -Team Lundy

  22. James

    This bag is great. Quality as top notch and it allows me to easily store and carry my backpack. The U-shaped top flap lets you pack it with ease and see everything without a struggle. I’ve also used it to hold massive amounts of clothes when I moved. Again, quality is through the roof, you can’t go wrong with this bag. Great investment to protect your backpack.

  23. John Nankivell

    I Purchased this large duffel bag to use when I travel for work and for pleasure. It holds all my gear and is more than durable even when used as checked bagage when flying. Even the airline bagage handlers cant hurt a ULA duffle. Quality is top notch just like all ULA products.

  24. Josh

    I have only used this bag 5 times but has been amazing every time it will fit my back pack and my girl fiends back in it no problem very light and seems to be very durable!


    It’s really hard to come up with some super exciting to say here. It’s a duffel, and a d*** good one. It’s big, it carries things. Whether I’m packing stuff for an epic weekend in the back country of Oregon, or whether I’m packing for a weekend at the in-laws, this pack is big enough to hold everything I need. Best part, is I don’t have to worry about falling apart if I over stuff it with awesomeness. This thing is built to last. I loved my first one so much, that I bought another!

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