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WEIGHT: 17.5 – 19.5 OZ | 496 – 553 GM
VOLUME: 1563 CU IN | 25.5 L


What's up ULA Community! We're super stoked to dive deeper into your everyday lives because as much as we wish we could always be conquering a trail, the truth is we have to come back to the city once in a while.

The ULA Packrat is our latest addition to our everyday carry line up. We went back to the chalkboard and were looking to design something versatile enough to carry a laptop, yet comfortable enough to go on those post-work sunset hikes.

Whether you're working a 9 to 5, a student, or a dirtbag, the ULA Packrat can be a go-to partner. We want you to have a lifelong companion by your side that will rock with you wherever you may end up. That's why all of our packs are USA designed and manufactured. From the most serene peaks to the busiest cities the Packrat will be right there with ya.

A packrat is an animal that is daring and loves to explore around collecting things. This Packrat is no different! The main compartment is large and open to carry a variety of items that you may need from day to day, while the front stretch pocket is a great place to throw things you need quick access to. The two side stretch pockets hold anything from a large 64oz Nalgene to a 3-course meal on the go.


(Nerd out with us!)

Removable features are in bold.

  • ULA 420 Diamond Weave Robic Nylon
  • Large Tweave(94% Nylon,6% Spandex) Front/Side Pockets
  • Expandable Drawstring 1.9 OZ Sil-Nylon Collar
  • Light Grey Interior
  • ULA Signature S-Straps
  • Up to 15” Laptop Sleeve
  • Up to 15” Laptop Sleeve
  • Adjustable/Removable Sternum Strap (0.6 oz)
  • Removable Accessory Pouch (1.0 oz)
  • Internal Passport Stash Pocket
  • Padded Back-Panel
  • Rubberized Haul Loop


TRAIL NAME EMBROIDERY (+ $15.00): Now you can have your trail name, or your real name, embroidered on your backpack! Not only is it a nice personal touch, but it's a great way of identifying your pack no matter how or where you travel. Simply write your trail name, or your name, exactly as you want it to appear on your pack, in the text field above. Then, choose your thread color and font, and we'll personalize your pack for you. Packs that have trail names embroidered on them are still returnable, minus a $35.00 fee. The cost of the trail name is not refundable.


ROBIC WEIGHT: 17.6 OZ | 499 GM
VX21 WEIGHT: 17.5 OZ | 496 GM
VX21RS WEIGHT: 17.5 OZ | 496 GM  
VX25 WEIGHT: 18.0 OZ | 510 GM
VX33 WEIGHT: 18.0 OZ | 510 GM
VX42 WEIGHT: 19.0 OZ | 539 GM
X50 WEIGHT: 19.0 OZ | 539 GM
X51 WEIGHT: 19.5 OZ | 553 GM


TOTAL VOLUME: 1,563 CU IN | 25.5 L


Main Body: 1,040 CI | 17 L
Collar: 286 CI | 4.68 L
Front Stretch Mesh Pocket: 127 CI | 2 L
Side Stretch Mesh Pocket: 55 CI | 1 L


Internal Stash Pocket: 5.5″ H X 7.25″ W
Zippered Internal Pocket: 8″ H X 10.5″ W
Laptop Sleeve: 15.75″ H X 10.5″ W

11 reviews for Packrat

  1. Austin Bailey

    This pack is awesome. Don’t hesitate. I just took this on a week long trip to Disney. I wore it for an average of 10 hours a day and it was great. It fits way more than you think and carry’s surprisingly well. I typically had it about 60% full with additional gear in the front mesh and both water bottle pouches occupied. Even the minimal carry handle at the top came in handy when I needed it. Mine Is the heaviest xpac in Arctic camo, if you were wondering.

  2. Erin Miller (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for a few months now and I can’t tell you how much I love it! It’s the perfect day pack. I mostly use it for commuting (fits my laptop like a glove) and to go to the gym. Everything I carry has a place and the deep mesh pockets are perfect for “quick grab” items like my water, keys, wallet, etc. It can hold a suprising amount of stuff and even stuffed full, it’s super comfortable to wear. I’ve walked to work in the rain and everything has stayed dry, which is a big bonus. Plus, it makes me happy because it reminds me of my Circuit and being on a backcountry trail, even when I’m not.

  3. Whitman Schorn (verified owner)

    Insanely good deal for an xpac bag! I’ll go into some detail here because the product photos really don’t do this thing justice.

    First off, it’s light – insanely light! I’ve carried around paperback novels that weight more. Every single gram of excess weight has been shaved off from the design. Even if you do load it up (I have to carry two 15 inch laptops pretty often for work) this bag handles it easily. The shoulder straps feel extremely durable and comfortable, presumably taking cues from their thru-hike ready cousins. There are also ample attachment points and a handy sternum strap.

    The oversized stretch pockets are a triumph – I can stuff an extra layer, snacks, sunglasses, a large water bottle, and an umbrella all without messing with the main compartment or needless zippers. The construction is flawless, and all the materials feel top-notch. I chose Federal Yellow VX21 color, and it’s really striking in person.

    The top handle is slim and unobtrusive, but comfortable in the hand. I don’t really find I use the drawstring much at all, so it stays tucked out of the way. If I had to change anything in the design I might replace the top with a proper roll top for better waterproofing against an extended downpour.

    Overall, this bag blows away anything else in the price range – in fact it puts plenty of bags that are twice as expensive to shame! If you’re on the fence, go for it!

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    I love you guys, always a flawless quality product. Never quit. This bag is perfect.

  5. Stacy

    The perfect day pack or everyday pack. Lightweight and room for all your essentials/wants. Everything I love about my ULA Circuit only in a smaller version. I’ve been waiting for ULA to make the perfect day bag and it’s the packrat!! Great price. You’ll love it if this I’m sure

  6. AJ Ligas

    Highly recommend the Packrat. The versality is second to none. When I was looking for a day pack I wanted something light but able to carry a full days load or possibly enough for a single night and this pack meets all those requirements. I also plan to use this bag as a travel bag and my laptop and accessories along with some clothes fit perfect.

    Deep side and back pockets so carrying any standard size water is possible along with stashing items you need quick access to. One small issue was being able to reach smaller water bottles while on the trail but switching back to my standard 750ml or 1l made this a mute issue. Wide and comfortable shoulder straps finish it out to made an excellent pack.

    I was also very pleased with the build quality of the pack. No loose threads or stitching. I could go on but it would be best for you just to try this pack for yourself and feel the true pleasure of finally finding the day pack you’ve been hunting for.

  7. Justin Viegas

    Perfect bag. When I say perfect I mean perfect !
    I’ve been looking for a lightweight easy access bag for years! Finally found it !
    Easily attach shoulder strap pockets for various items with the daisy chains !
    5/5 highly recommend !

  8. Melissa

    Fantastic and simple pack for peak bagging or ultralight overnights. Very comfortable to carry with room for all the essentials and more. I love the deep side and back pockets. The stretchy fabric is very durable and keeps the things you need very handy. The drawstring top adds to the interior space or the ability to carry items cinched to the top with the top strap. I had been looking for a new daypack and I’m very pleased with this one.

  9. Justin Viegas

    Perfect daypack. When I say perfect I mean perfect.
    I’ve been looking for a pack like this for many years – easy access, lightweight and affordable.
    Added a shoulder water bottle strap for easier access. I tend to wear my pack up high so works out perfect. Even has daisy chains to make that easy addition!
    Happy with my purchase.

  10. Zakk Schroeter

    Love this pack perfect day pack mesh pockets are clutch and deep any of the packs these guys make are great!

  11. Scotty

    ULA nailed it with this one! This pack is the perfect size for day hikes. Enough room to throw in a jacket, some snacks, or other randoms that I might need during a quick hike. Plenty of space inside and I love that it has the mesh pocket on the back for quick stowing of items or if my jacket gets wet.

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