man backpacking along trail cut in mountain

 Pack design for us consists of five elements: durability, functionality, comfort, lightweight, and aesthetics.  While all these are important, if your pack isn't comfortable, or begins to fall apart in the middle of nowhere, it doesn't matter how light it is. We design all our packs with the long distance hiker in mind, knowing that if a pack works well for someone hiking a few thousand miles, it will also work well for someone hiking five miles. Our goal is to provide you with a pack that has everything you need and nothing that you don't need. 

We don't follow industry trends or have a new pack model out every year. We do build on the successful models that we already have, constantly making tweaks here and there to keep our packs on the cutting edge. We spend a good part of every day talking backpacks with customers. It's your feedback that drives a majority of the design improvements we make, so keep it coming!