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The ULA Rain Kilt is a simple, lightweight solution for ventilated weather protection. More specifically, it's a silicone impregnated nylon skirt that will keep the bulk of the moisture off of your lower body, while providing ease of movement and excellent ventilation. Not only will this kilt keep you nice and dry in a variety of situations but it also doubles as a super handy 'modesty kilt' when doing laundry in a resupply town– just remember to cross your legs when sitting down in public!

The elastic waistband will fit a 28 to 54-inch waist. The split center design and Velcro tabs allow for a range of adjustments. The ULA Rain Kilt packs super small into an integrated stuff sack for easy and unobtrusive pack storage when the sun is shining.

MATERIALS: 1.1 OZ Silicon Impregnated Rip-stop Nylon.
COLOR(S): Raspberry, Red, Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Lime Green, Green, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Blue, Purple, Black, Olive Drab, Grey.


WEIGHT: 2.8 OZ | 80 GM
WAIST FIT: 28″ -54″ IN | 71 –  137 CM
INSEAM: 30″ IN | 76 CM
PACKED DIMENSIONS: 5.25″ x 4″ x 2.5″ IN | 13.3 x 10.1 x 6.35 CM


  • Ease of movement
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Helps keep you dry
  • Dual use as “modesty kilt” on laundry day
  • Elastic waistband fits many
  • Split center design w/ Velcro tabs
  • Packs super small
  • Integrated stuff sack


22 reviews for ULA Rain Kilt

  1. LC cassell

    My daughter recommended this skirt. I hike some but bring it to the ski slopes on rainy days. Keeps my bum dry on the ski lifts. I have the hot pink one and nobody loses site of me on a foggy ski day! Wish I could add a picture!

  2. EaRL

    Been using mine for years now, always goes with me. Super light and perfect for warmer rainstorms when you need to stay cool down below! Love the built in stuff sack feature.

  3. Vickie Backman

    3rd day back on AT it rained all day. I had it stashed in my Circuit side pocket, and pulled it on. With the top high over my belt there was still 3″ below knees. It greatly reduced the water getting in my shoes, kept all but very bottoms of pantlegs dry. Unanticipated bonus: I walked into a suspended tree hidded by hat brim and was immediately floored in a rock and mud puddle on my bottom. Very surprised when i got up and said bottom was dry and kilt unhurt. First time ever that my pack didn’t wick water down onto my pants, too.

  4. ea (verified owner)

    YES to eye-popping orange rain kilt. Don’t wear this in Pamplona but do wear it everywhere else for high visibility, keeping cool and completely dry. it’s always ready in my raincoat pocket. Light weight. Takes me five seconds to put on. I over heat so rain pants are not my solution. This is.

  5. Sue Hart

    Very handy for rain, hail and running through snow covered vegetation. Also handy as a ‘brush kilt’ when the late summer wildflowers and other plants can cause rashes; you can put it on for a few minutes and then take it off again because it’s hot out.

  6. Carrie (verified owner)

    Form and function at a great price point. Happy to have a rain-resistant product that will last for miles! But this is a skirt and I think we should all start being honest about that.

  7. WendyZ (verified owner)

    Fell in love with this on a 9 day packraft/ backpack trip. So many uses. Worked great for rain and hiking, but also as a pack cover at night and as a tarp to lay gear out on. Also used to cover shoulders quickly We just keep finding different uses for it, such a bonus when trying to keep gear light weight.

  8. Chelsea Goulding (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service.

  9. Richard

    I bought the rain kilt several years ago after getting caught in an unexpected cold rain out on a long day hike with my cotton pants on. Took a long time getting home and got very cold. Have not used it much but when needed has been great. Yesterday on a June day hike in the mountains the rain came in hard, turning to hail, all carried by a strong north wind. Took a few minutes to put on the rain skirt. The lower pant legs got wet but the rest stayed dry. Enabled me to continue the hike. Very light. Takes up little space in my waist pack. Would even fit in pants pocket. Simple design but xlnt.

  10. Nomad (verified owner)

    Not your average use case:
    I work in road construction. For years I’ve carried heavy rain pants for when the weather turns. Pants, however, are a pain to put on over bulky, asphalt-covered boots. Furthermore, taking the boots off is slow and results in wet socks. As soon as heard of rain kilts, I knew I needed one. The ULA kilt is not only very quick to don, but it packs down so small I can store it in my lunch box. Heck it breathes better than pants too.
    Highly recommended.

    • Peter Longobardi

      This is amongst the greatest reviews on our site! Thank you for taking the time to share.

  11. Alan Lau aka Mr. Bean (verified owner)

    I used this on a recent section hike of the AT. I’ve never used a skirt before. An umbrella keeps my upper torso dry but both pack and umbrella channels rainwater onto my pants. This skirt, as other people have pointed out, has excellent ventilation, is easy to remove and put on. It kept my pants dry and the only parts that got wet were my socks and shoes. I love how this keeps water off my pants when I brush up against wet foliage. Unless I’m hiking in the desert, this will go into my pack.

  12. Wild Bill

    Super easy on/off even while hiking.
    I put it on before wet patchs of overgrown rhodadendrons where eveyone else gets soaked.
    Plenty of ventalation for the boys.

  13. Thomas Frostad (verified owner)

    Locating in the PNW where it rains some. LOL Need a quick fix? Best feature is Velcro that easily detaches with any long stretch steps up or down, then conveniently reattaches by itself. The little stuff sack is attached on one of the corners of kilt. How cool is that? Hardly any weight or volume. Buy it.

  14. APRIL M. (verified owner)

    I’m glad this is a kilt, because I don’t wear skirts! Paired with my tall gaiters I was completely protected from the cold rain without sweating inside rain pants. And it goes on so easy that I didn’t have to think twice about putting it on.


    I wear mine over shorts and wellies, great bit of kit, sure you get a bit of mickey taking, who cares, cool and dry is best.

  16. Kelly (verified owner)

    Super lightweight and compact. Lots of room to move your legs in them. My only complaint which wasn’t even worth knocking it down a star was that the description mentions using it as a “modesty kilt” for laundry day in town… Can’t vouch for the other colors, but the orange is totally see-through. Won’t be using that on laundry day!
    Would highly recommend these.

  17. Donna Kreuger (verified owner)

    Hiking in the Pacific Northwest, rain is often a companion. These kilts work GREAT and, paired with gaiters, are every bit as much protection as rain pants (which I hate). Super lightweight.

  18. Trevor Jones

    Suberb lightweight kilt

    I have owned a kilt for a number of years and highly recommend it. Compared to most trousers it is very lightweight and when packed occupies very little space.
    I used it on my 100 mile trek on the French/Spanish Way of St James where it was perfect. For me, its special value is the ease of getting it on and off on those days where there are showers and dry periods. I also find it much cooler than rain pants which trap in your own perspiration making my walking much more pleasant

  19. Steve Boesen

    Excellent Kilt (and Stylish in the Outback)

    I just returned from a 12-day, 75 mile excursion to Philmont Scout Ranch with my son and both of us used these kilts extensively. It rained every day except one for a lengthly period of time. These kilts are superior to pants for many reasons, but the biggest advantage is the they are so easy to take on and off. My comrades in the crew experienced greater problems getting their rainpants on/off. These kilts have an added bonus of being very warm, if you are wearing shorts. Excellent value and versatility.

  20. Kale Scown


    I just finished my thru hike of the PCT and carried this the entire way. After 2600 miles it became one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It is as well suited for a heavy rain storm as it is for a light drizzle and it really shines during those days in Washington when, even though it isn’t currently raining, you are walking through overgrown, soaking wet brush (we call it the “hiker wash”). I never overheated in this like I have in rain pants and it goes on and off in a flash without even having to remove your pack (this is VERY important). Also, even though it is only held together by 3 velcro strips, not once did it come off me in wild wind storms. Many other hikers voiced their jealousy of it and those who I saw using it as well also touted it as a favorite piece of gear.

  21. Tormod Antonsen


    I walk in the central mountains of Norway like the Hardangervidda platou. Indeed quite wet and windy. Light windpants, Rain kilt and a light rainjacket is all I need all summer and most of the shoulder seasons as well. Before I got the rain kilt I used garbage bag. This looks better and holds up well. More people want them. I could easily make this myself and give out but buy here as a kudos to ula for thinking out of the box and putting it out there.

  22. Rod Braithwaite

    Highly recommended.

    I hike in the wettest part of North America, the northern coastal shorelines of BC. The rain skirt is really effective in all kinds of rain & wind storms, especially with gaiters. It weights almost nothing and it is also handy as a groundsheet for unpacking gear, etc.

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