Remove all items from hipbelt pockets, mesh pockets, and interior. Shake out your backpack to remove loose debris. Use a toothbrush (or similar) to brush off any dirt and buildup on the outside of the pack. 

Spot treat any stains using a teaspoon of detergent mixed with lukewarm water, and a sponge.


Place the whole pack—belt, frame, and all— in a top loader or agitatorless washer. If this is not available, hand wash in a tub or large basin.

Use warm water + regular soap. TIP: Add 1 cup of vinegar if it’s particuarly ripe.

Remove pack from washer BEFORE the spin cycle. If hand washing, rinse.

3. DRY

Hang your pack to dry in the shade or indoors. Avoid drying your pack in the direct sun as UV light can degrade the fabric.

Do not put your backpack in the dryer, as the heat can damage the fabric and accessories.



Please keep in mind that lightweight packs require the same care as any other lightweight piece of gear; dropping your loaded pack on the ground, picking it up by the shoulder straps rather than the haul loop, or checking it as luggage can drastically shorten the life of your pack. Treat your pack gently and it will reward you with many years of service.

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