Our approach to service is very simple; we treat you like we like to be treated. That starts with processing your order promptly and usually shipping it within 24 hours, if not sooner. It means we ship you a quality product and we expect it to be perfect, if it’s not, we’ll make it right.

More important is what we do after the sale. We encourage everyone to contact us with any questions, especially if you have a fitting question. We will have you send us a photo, suggest adjustments, and if need be, we’ll send a replacement to you at our expense. Send fit or adjustment questions to

Many of our customers hike thousands of miles each year, and like anything else, your pack might need a bit of TLC when you are done for the season. We offer no charge tune-ups to all our original owners. All you have to do is get the pack to us; we’ll patch it up and get you back on the trail. Check with us for details. Please direct all repair questions to




All Ultralight Adventure Equipment products are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. If an ULA product happens to fail due to manufacturing defects, ULA-Equipment will replace or repair the product free of charge at our discretion. Repairs due to improper use, accidents, or general wear and tear, may be charged for materials, labor, and return shipping. All packs returned for warranty issues MUST be recently cleaned. To wash a pack simply place the whole pack, belt, frame and all, in a top loader or non-agitator type washer. Use warm water, regular soap (add 1 cup of vinegar if it’s particuarly ripe), take it out before the spin cycle and hang it out to dry.

Please keep in mind that lightweight packs require the same care as any other lightweight piece of gear; dropping your loaded pack on the ground, picking it up by the shoulder straps rather than the haul loop, or checking it as luggage can drastically shorten the life of your pack. Treat your pack gently and it will reward you with many years of service.

If you have questions please email