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If you’ve discussed pack customization with us, this is the custom payment area you can use to make those customization’s happen!


If you’ve discussed a specific pack customization with us, this is the custom charges area you can use to make your customizations happen! Simply add the total we quoted you to your cart with your pack! EX: If your customization was quoted at $25.00 add 5 of this product to your cart for a total of $25.00!) Custom charges are not refundable and returned custom packs will be assessed a $35 restocking fee.

1 review for CUSTOM CHARGES

  1. Sandy Davis

    I had a squirrel chew through my shoulder straps and portions of the pockets of my pack so that it would not carry properly. I contacted Peter Longobardi for repair options. He replied promptly and the shop repaired my pack for a reasonable charge and turned it around much more quickly than I would have expected. I was SO glad not to have to replace the pack. This is a company with good customer service who stands behind their product!

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