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The ULA Robic 30L Dragonfly is a pack that will take you flying through your travels! Designed with a quick weekend getaway in mind, this front-loading bag is quick to pack, meaning you’ll be out the door as fast as a Dragonfly.

Being a travel-focused bag doesn’t just require ease in flight; we also designed it to be versatile enough to take hiking or tromping around the city. I recently carried mine to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and then 10 ten days of jungle trekking. Shoulder straps are our signature S-strap design. The 15 inch laptop sleeve can also be used for a hydration bladder.

The Robic 30L Dragonfly is a full-featured pack with several organizational pockets for you to stay sane in this hectic world. A quick-access pocket on the top is great for those things you want safe and accessible. Two large mesh pockets on the side can acquire 64 oz bottles with ease. And the front panel has an split-internal (2 compartments) and external mesh pocket for more organization. NEW! Padded haul loop for comfort grip. The Robic 30L Dragonfly has a 2" x 3" Velcro/removable ULA logo patch.

Over packed? Two internal compression straps will cinch your load down so you can get all your gear in hassle-free. Still need more room? Put it on the front bungee on the outside. Whatever the destination, the Dragonfly is ready to roam with you!

MEDICAL WARNING: Magnetic Sternum Straps feature magnets - please seek physician approval for use with pacemakers, ICDs, insulin pumps, stents, or other implanted electro-medical devices.


WEIGHT: 29 OZ | 824 GM
Brushed Green Robic: 24.9 OZ | 706 GM
Black Diamond Robic: 26.3 OZ | 747 GM
VOLUME: 1,857 CU IN | 30 L
MAX LOAD: 25 LBS | 11 KG

Pack Hacker Pick

“ULA Equipment’s Dragonfly is extremely lightweight and has versatile features that make it a dynamic travel companion for trips of all varieties.” – PACK HACKER PICK


  • Carry-On Compliant (18.5″ x 11″ x 7″)
  • 15″ Laptop Sleeve
  • Large Tweave Side Pockets
  • Internal Split Mesh Organizer Pocket
  • Internal Compression Straps
  • Quick Access Top Pocket
  • Padded Back-panel
  • Padded Haul Loop
  • Velcro/Removable 2″ x 3″ Logo Patch
  • Silent Zipper Pulls
  • #8 YKK  Zipper on Panel Load Compartment
  • #5 YKK Zipper on Laptop Slot, Top Pocket, and Interior Zipper
  • Removable + Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • ULA Signature S-Straps





VOLUME: 1,857 CU IN | 30 L


  • MAIN BODY: 1,328 CI | 21.8 L
  • RIGHT SIDE MESH POCKET: 160 Ci | 2.6 L


  • MAIN BODY: 18.5″ x 11″ x 7″
  • 2 INTERNAL MESH POCKETS: 7.5″ x 5.5″
  • QUICK ACCESS TOP POCKET: 11″ x 6″ x 3″
The ULA Spare Tire takes to the beach
The ULA Spare Tire takes to the beach



Our ULA Robic 400 is the toughest standard fabric we’ve ever seen and the fabric we use to make the packs in our pack line. Highly tear and abrasion-resistant, ULA 400 Robic is reinforced with a ripstop weave, increasing tear strength and stitch holding capabilities. Low stretch, this is the perfect fabric for making backpacks, day packs, duffles, and pouches; that’s why we use it! This 100% Robic Nylon fabric has a 3 pass Teflon DWR (Durable Water Repellent) and a 3 pass PU (Polyurethane) Coating, making it highly water-resistant.




21 reviews for Robic 30L Dragonfly

  1. Stephen Boyd (verified owner)

    I’ve owned several Dragonfly bags. I always used them as EDC or travel day bags. We’re roller bag people. This past weekend we did a 4+ day weekend in New Orleans. I used my current generation Dragonfly as my luggage instead of a roller. It was glorious. The freedoms to not have to drag that roller bag around was utterly amazing. So comfortable and so much more convenient. I suspect when Ultra bags come back in stock I will order one and my wife will take over the X50 one we have now. I think she saw the light as well as she dragged her roller around.

  2. Roberto

    The Dragonfly is a great pack. It’s simple, well thought out, and has two features that are rare in the UL pack category: panel loading and a laptop sleeve. This makes it a standout travel pack. There are some things I would change about the pack, but overall it’s my favorite travel bag.

    I do wish it were a few cubic liters larger, by default or by an adjustment, because Ive found that (even packing quite minimally) I end up stuffing the bag full and a bit stretched out on longer trips. Especially if I want to add temporary items along the way such as extra drink or food. A bag is always more enjoyable with a bit of extra space left.

  3. Tim Brown

    Fantastic Travel Pack!
    I just received my ULA Dragonfly pack in Ultra. I added a web hip belt. I work in the outdoor industry in this is one of the best designed travel packs I’ve seen. The craftsmanship and customer service that ULA delivers is over the top and second to none! This is my second ULA pack. I have the Catalyst for backpacking and now the Dragonfly for travel. Now adding the Photon for hiking to add full depth my ULA fleet of packs. ULA delivers!

  4. Erika

    I’ve been looking at the Dragonfly for a while. I finally purchased it on the Black Friday sale.
    I took it to Disney World as a personal item on Frontier Airlines. Their size limitations were 18” x 12” x 8”. I made sure not to pack it completely full, and I was easily able to shove it into the personal item sizer prior to boarding.
    I pack pretty light but was able to fit most of the items I wanted to take for the 5 day trip. It certainly fit more and was easier to pack/organize/access than my old North Face Recon pack. I love it!

  5. C F (verified owner)

    So far I really like this bag. It’s well thought out and ready to go for almost every daily task I can think of. So far used it for work, family weekend outings around town, a short day hike, and loaded it up for some light rucking at 23lbs.

    Only complaint is twofold: 1) the lower back is not very breathable compared to my osprey talon 22. I was soaked in sweat from just a few miles in 80 degree temp and low humidity. 2) the lack of ability to attach a removable hip belt really makes it difficult to imagine taking it backpacking even though I’m going to try it anyways. Sternum strap should be removable as well.

    If ULA added more breathability to the lower back area and added a couple rings to attach a hip belt this would be a 5- star bag!

  6. Eric (verified owner)

    I got the X50 back in May 2022 and have been enjoying it. Wish I got it sooner, it makes my stuff feel lighter compared to my flimsy jansport. It holds a MacBook Pro 13” and iPad 9th gen in the sleeve easily. Big bottle sleeves are reliable and secure. The rest of the storage pockets are very useful for everything else for the day. Also have used it as a duffle bag on a 5 week car camping trip. Worked great. I’ve also attached a shoulder pocket to it for some casual day hikes to keep my phone handy. I also own 2 Circuits and a CDT from ULA, but instead of being an outright fanboy I wanted to be critical and expected the best out of this backpack. It has lived up to expectations. Previous version had a mesh shoulder pocket that I sometimes wish I had for AirPods and sometimes I wish I had that but don’t really mind.

  7. J (verified owner)

    The ULA Dragonfly was my first major bag upgrade from almost 10 years of using the same freebie toploader backpack I got from a friend (who received it as swag), so the bar was not terribly high to begin with, but this is definitely a winner. But as someone who likes to use items until they’re run into the ground I did a ton of careful research before purchasing my X50 pack and I have to say it has far exceeded my expectations. I have a job that requires me to be light and nimble while traveling (often in more dangerous sections of the world) and the Dragonfly more than delivered: rugged, lightweight, small enough to work as a personal item, exceedingly versatile, comfortable to wear and carry, low-profile (so I don’t call attention to myself). I’m a huge fan of the simple look and design, but all of the aspects of the bag are so thoughtful, and I love the spacious interior that allows me to maximize capacity. I’ve carried in it now about a month’s worth of items on a travel job and still only managed to get to about 80% capacity (that being said, I am a minimalist). If there was any critique at all I’d say it is a very slightly tricky to pull your laptop out of its pocket when the bag is packed out, but it’s a minor critique. I also haven’t worn this yet in rainy conditions so can’t speak to the water resistance of the pack (I shall see very soon as it’ll go through monsoon season!). Customer service was excellent, and I appreciated how quick they were to respond to queries. Extremely happy with my purchase and very much looking forward to using this bag for the next decade plus – I have a feeling it’ll be tough to run this one into the ground.

  8. Alyssa

    One of the best packs I’ve ever owned! Packed for one week trip and everything fit as a carry-on! Thoughtful design, outstanding quality, and phenomenal customer service. A+. Thank you, ULA Equipment!

  9. mark

    I’ve had the dragonfly for two years now and it is by far the best work backpack I had ever had. It is spacious, comfortable, and just about perfect for my needs. In one word, outstanding.

  10. Daniel (verified owner)

    I’ve had the dragonfly for 3 months now and could not be more pleased. It feels quite compact as you move or when you place it under an airline seat/in an overhead, but spacious as you pack it. It carries so, so well and the construction is solid. I’ve got the X-PAC X51RS and the thing feels indestructible. Quality pack from a quality company. Also, Peter and team have top notch customer service and were a huge help when picking out my pack. Thank you ULA!

  11. Porter Goff (verified owner)

    This pack has exceeded my expectations! I bought this bag for a 10 day trip to Portugal but can tell it’ll be used for many other occasions. It has a surprisingly spacious interior with solid internal organization on the lid. I was able to fit a small and medium sized packing cube (fully packed) inside and with the built-in compression straps I was left with roughly a 1/3 of space left to fit more gear. The bag holds shape very well when empty and feels sturdy. High quality materials and professional craftsmanship were apparent upon my first impression with this bag. The design is clean, sleek and highly functional. Would absolutely recommend this pack! On a side note, customer service was awesome. Thank you very much for the care and accommodation ULA Team!

  12. Dave (verified owner)

    Great bag! I love it already. Only one problem, and this is the case for every bag I have ever seen with a laptop sleeve. It is advertised as being able to fit a 17″ laptop, but it barely fits my 15.6″ laptop, and by barely I mean not really. Laptops are measured by the screen only corner to corner, so a 15.6″ laptop is actually 17″+ if you measure just the top of the laptop and not the screen. So, that being said, this bag will fit a 14″ laptop, anything over that is going to be a really tight fit if it fits at all. Other than that though, this bag is pretty awesome.

  13. Joshua (verified owner)

    Picked a dragonfly up after my Vaude travel pack finally needed to be retired after years of its world travels.
    I’ve been an adherent of the onebag mentality after too many luggage gone missing experiences. ULA came to my attention as I have been enjoying a more ultralight ideal for my backcountry time and was intrigued by the line.
    The materials on the dragonfly are top notch- I opted for the vx21 for some weather proofing.
    It’s maiden voyage was a 6 day 7 night cross country flight where this was my one bag. It handled my pack pods/sandals/toiletries/snack bag/puffy/rain jacket/water bottle/coffee cup/ book/journal/iPad/e-bag and coffee making supplies with grace and felt awesome at 19lbs packweight.
    I’ve reorganized a bit and know in 2 months that my same duration trip will be even easier and just as cozy.
    Thanks for making such great gear🙏

  14. Cari Ray

    Have been using a slightly customized early prototype of this pack for over 2 years now. As a full-time touring musician and adventurer, I use it for just about everything. Travel, music festivals, van camping, fly fishing, backcountry overnights, day hikes, etc. It’s not perfect, but likely the most well-rounded pack for my purposes as I have found. If you’re interested in reading my comprehensive review and seeing some pics of it in action, it’s over on my adventure blog, Fisher of Zen.

  15. Tabitha Westbrook

    This is essentially the same as the ULA Everyday pack that was discontinued. I’ve had my Everyday for several years and it is my go-to for travel and day hikes. I have beaten the snot out of it, packed it to the gills (I can pack for full two weeks in it and I’m a plus sized gal so big clothes here), and have not been gentle. Like my ULA Catalyst, it’s held up perfectly. It’s also the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn. Ever. I was running through an airport pre-pandemic and it was like nothing on my back. (To note, ULA is the only pack company that I have found that works. my plus-sized frame. I am a fan for life.)

  16. Vince (verified owner)

    It’s a pack that deserves a review. I got my first one in early 2020 and use it every single day. I take it to work, use it as my gym bag, perfect for day hikes, and even for taking a weekend trip with friends. Has a surprising amount of storage for the space that’s offered. Very well thought out concept. Bought one for my brother as a birthday gift last year and it’s now his everyday pack as well. I really don’t know how they could possibly improve on this product!

  17. Scott Stallone (verified owner)

    This Pack has become my favorite grab & go summer pack.
    Very versatile with the split personality of a travel pack and a one or two day hike pack.
    I can actually fit my Solong 6 tent, sleeping mat, bag liner, cook kit, and a change of clothes in there.
    And the kicker is, you still have room to store some food in the front, side pockets or top pocket.
    The only thing I didn’t like is the mesh shoulder pockets. They didn’t fit my phone but It’s a S8+. To be fair I wouldn’t hold it against it as you can easily use a large shoulder pocket from another pack or order one at the time of purchase. The dragonfly comes in either Robic or X-pac material. I got mine in X-Pac Vx-21 Bahama
    I can safely say I’m addicted to the X-Pac material-lol!
    The thing that keeps me coming back to ULA though, is their excellent customer service and the ability to customize your pack to the way you want it. They will truly take care of you!

  18. Evan Hollingsworth (verified owner)

    The Dragonfly rocks! I’ve had it in the X50 Multicam for 2 months now, and don’t have a single complaint. Daily, it’s used as an EDC at a middle-of-nowhere lumber yard, carrying medical supplies, various meth head-deterent tools, and snacks for all my woodchuck pals. On the weekends, it serves as my go bag for in-law visits, quick trips to the local trails, or a picnic bag for the wife and I. Last week, it held on strong on a 1,000 mile trip to Charleston, SC where it carried my luggage in the car, lunch on a kayak, and everything else we needed as we walked through the city or on the beach. 5 stars for function, 5 starts for versatility, and 5 stars for aesthetics!

  19. Dustin (verified owner)

    This bag surpasses all my high expectations. Exceptionally well made and very well thought out. I’ve taken it for several hikes and it transitions really well from a everyday carry bag to a tough as nails trail pack. Really like the layout; and the large main compartment leaves plenty of room for customization if you’re so inclined… I stitched in a few gear loops for clipping pouches and what have you, but other than that this bag is 100% what i was looking for: a do it all, true daily carry pack.

    Amazing work ULA.


  20. Randy Howell (verified owner)

    I got this for short trips since I tend to travel a lot. Dragging a suitcase through airports gets old and I pack way too much then. This is the perfect pack for a 2-3 night trip. Super comfy, easy to pack and fits right under the seat or in the overhead bin. Buying another for my sweetheart! Highly recommended! The best thing is it can be so easily used for a day hike, 2 birds with one pack!

  21. Stephen Boyd (verified owner)

    Love….love….love my new Dragonfly in black X51 XPac. I’m using it for EDC, but just took it on a trip to San Francisco/Pinnacles NP/Monterrey, CA for a long weekend get-a-way and it was perfect for my usual EDC gear + mirrorless camera equipment. Worked great being a tourist in town and easily transitioned to a day pack for a 6”ish mile day hike in Pinnacles. I’m super stoked about this pack.

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