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The much anticipated Ultra Dragonfly has landed and it's UltraFly. Our award-winning Dragonfly just got ultra-strong, so you can kick your weekend adventures into high gear. Constructed of Ultra fabric and UltraStretch™ mesh, we've created a travel/day pack that can handle whatever life (or an over-zealous baggage handler) can throw at it.

Ultra™ fabrics are 15x stronger than steel by weight, twice as abrasion-resistant as same-weight nylons, and waterproof to 200 psi, meaning you don't have to worry about your cargo.

Front-loading, the Ultra Dragonfly is quick to pack, so you can be out the door in a flash. Several organizational pockets help keep you sane in this hectic world. The quick-access top pocket with built in lanyard and ULA carabiner is perfect for things you want to be safe yet accessible, like those keys. The front panel has 2 internal open-stretch mesh compartments (split) and an external UltraStretch™ mesh pocket for more organization. Two large UltraStretch™ mesh side pockets can fit 64 oz. bottles with ease. UltraStretch™ is a four-way stretch mesh supercharged with ULTRA to be extra tear-resistant and durable.

The 15-inch laptop sleeve doubles as a hydration bladder. Two internal compression straps cinch your load so you can get all your gear in hassle-free. Need more room? Put it under the front bungee on the outside. Shoulder straps are our signature S-strap design. YKK AquaGaurd water-resistant zippers throughout. The Ultra Dragonfly does not have the ULA Logo.

From airplane to mountaintop (and every planned and unplanned stop in between), the Ultra Dragonfly is ready to roam with you.

MEDICAL WARNING: Magnetic Sternum Straps feature magnets - please seek physician approval for use with pacemakers, ICDs, insulin pumps, stents, or other implanted electro-medical devices.

MATERIAL: Challenge ULTRA™, ULTRA TX, UltraStretch™
COLOR(S): Black Magic, White Lightning


WEIGHT: 30  OZ | 851 GM
VOLUME: 1,857 CU IN | 30 L
MAX LOAD: 30 LBS | 13 KG
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The much anticipated Ultra Dragonfly has landed. Our award-winning Dragonfly just got ultra-strong, so you can kick your weekend adventures into high gear.



  • ULTRA Fabric
  • UltraStretch Front + Side Pockets
  • Carry-On Compliant (18.5″ x 11″ x 7″)
  • 15″ Laptop Sleeve
  • Internal Split Open-Mesh Organizer Pocket
  • 2 Internal Compression Straps
  • Quick Access Top Pocket w/ Lanyard and ULA carabiner
  • Padded Back-panel
  • Clean “No Logo” Look
  • ULA Signature S-Straps
  • Silent Zipper Pulls
  • #8 YKK AquaGuard Water-resistant Main Zipper
  • #5 YKK AquaGuard Water-resistant Zippers on Laptop Slot and Top Pocket Access Pocket
  • Removable + Adjustable Sternum Strap


WEIGHT: 30 OZ | 851 GM


VOLUME: 1,857 CI | 30 L


  • MAIN BODY: 1,328 CI | 21.8 L


  • MAIN BODY: 18.5″ x 11″ x 7″
  • 2 INTERNAL MESH POCKETS: 7.5″ x 5.5″
  • QUICK ACCESS TOP POCKET: 11″ x 6″ x 3″
The ULA Spare Tire takes to the beach
The ULA Spare Tire takes to the beach




ULTRA™ represents a new paradigm in weight and durability. Constructed with an optimal blend of UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) and high-tenacity polyester, this tight weave is laminated with an eco-friendly adhesive to Challenge RUV™ film. The result is an incredibly strong, lightweight, and waterproof to 200 PSI textile. ULTRA™ is the ultimate ultralight fabric, with the strength to go the distance in the most demanding environments.

A high modulus pack fabric, ULTRA 400TX, is constructed of a 400d Ultra PE (similar to Dyneema®) with a white tafita backing to give the fabric a visible and more durable interior. It is 20% lighter and four times as abrasion-resistant than other 400d U-PE fabrics. 

Weight: 7.2 oz/yd², 244 gsm. 
Tear Strength: Warp: 148+ lb/ Fill 162+ lb. 
Abrasion Resistance: 8,800+ cycles.

Doubling the denier of 400d, ULTRA 800 has the strength to go the distance in the most demanding situations. ULTRA 800 is constructed of a 800d Ultra PE (similar to Dyneema®) blended with high-tenacity polyester and a 0.5 mil RUV™ film backing. It is 20% lighter and four times more abrasion-resistant than other 800d U-PE fabrics.

Weight: 8.5 oz/yd², 288 gsm
Tear Strength: Warp: 250+ lb/ Fill 250+ lb
Abrasion Resistance: 16,000+ cycles

UltraStretch™ is an advanced 4-way stretch mesh woven with the highest quality fibers for performance and longevity. Made from a woven blend of Nylon 6-6, Lycra®, and Ultra-PE and coated with C6 DWR.

Weight: 5.5 oz/yd², 186 gsm
Tear Strength: Warp 10,124 cN/ Fill 12,120 cN
Abrasion Resistance: 20,000+ cycles


13 reviews for Ultra Dragonfly

  1. Jamie (verified owner)

    I rarely write reviews, but this is the perfect bag. Great size, amazing materials and workmanship, comfortable as all get out and super light. The clamshell opening allows for easy packing and internal compression straps let you cinch down packing cubes or anything else that you want to secure. The pockets are well thought out and both the front stash pocket and water bottle pockets swallow whatever you want to put in there. If you have been on the fence, just pull the trigger, you won’t be disappointed. I have an Ultra Circuit for backpacking, but this is used for everything else. Perfect for EDC, perfect for one bag travel (or as your personal item if you are checking a bag), perfect for day hikes. Perfect.

  2. Andy

    I’m a big man, 6’3″ with a 54″ chest. It’s extremely difficult to find a small pack that will fit me. I tried in their pack and I t was too small. No problem, they custom made mine with extra long straps. Their customer service is excellent. A great pack for day hikes.

  3. A Val

    I got rid of my Osprey.

    This is the one for me – 1 bag travel. If you fly Spirit often, as I do, this is the perfect bag to take as a personal item. Super light, comfortable to wear, and easy on your back. I thought it would be rough with no hip belt, but I do not even notice it. Pull the trigger if you need just one bag for all.

  4. Morgan L. (verified owner)

    Bought this bag as a under seat travel bag for 3-4 day short trips that can also be used as a daypack. Recently I paired it with a small duffle, gym bag size, and packed for a week up in Northern Norway. Even with all the necessary cold weather gear for winter I had room to spare. It was an idle set up for international travel because with the two small bags I didn’t need to check a bag and risk losing anything, also didn’t have to worry about my bags being to large to be carry ons.

    Outside of normal travel I have no doubts this bag can withstand anything it comes across on short hikes that last a day or two.

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    This may be the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn. I use it as a ‘commuter’ pack, as I walk to work in the morning, so it needs to hold a change of clothes, plus a laptop, electronics, toiletries, etc. There’s something about the way the S straps fit, and the way the whole pack sits on my back that just makes it incredibly easy to carry. It’s well-made and well-thought-through, with loads of usable space for gear. I also love the flat bottom, so it sits where it’s put, and the ‘clamshell’ zipper that opens the whole pack, rather than the usual top-loader. It makes things a lot easier to get in and out. Yes, it’s not cheap, but I’m so glad I bit the bullet and invested in this great pack!

  6. Mike (verified owner)

    I did a ton of research and tried a ton of packs, and the ULTRA Dragonfly won out. I work between an urban office and an extremely wet, harsh environment, and I wanted something that could handle both. I also wanted a pack that could fit my 16″ MacBook Pro (with a thick protective shell) as well as my 12.5″-wide Peak Design Camera Cube, serve as a personal item on planes, and be comfortable enough for long hikes hauling 25+ pounds. The Dragonfly was the unicorn that did it all–at a super light weight. It also looks great; I got the White Lightning version, which is gorgeous. Though ULA’s official specs suggest the pack shouldn’t fit the items I put in it, it does. Its main compartment is more spacious than packs listed as much larger, as is its external laptop compartment. Some of the comfort depends on your frame. For me, the unique S-shaped straps fit like a glove, making the pack more comfortable than ones with much plusher harnesses. Finally, these packs are crafted by hand in Utah, which means each one is well made and slightly unique, which I appreciate. Oh yeah: ULA customer service is great. I can’t believe they responded quickly and kindly to all my crazy questions, but they did. One big caveat: if you want a pack with tons of internal organization, the Dragonfly might not be for you, as it’s fairly minimalist. But for me, the ULTRA Dragonfly definitely deserves five stars. I hope other folks enjoy it as much as I do.

  7. Peter Koffler (verified owner)

    It’s a black hole for that 2 week one-bagger trip you’re going to take. No fuss, no muss; you can reliably fit everything you would need/want into this bag, and *still* keep it small enough to carry as a personal item on most airlines. 30 pounds on your back and it won’t even feel like it, assuming you have sloped shoulders (check the strap guide). The price is a bit steep, but the craftmanship and longevity of the materials used are more than enough to justify the buy. Zero disappointment from this bag.

  8. James Harris (verified owner)

    Love this bag! I have one with Ultra 800 and have traveled all over SE Asia with it and it is truly a one bag travel to those destinations.. Was rained on (heavy downpours) countless times, and it did not have any issues with water. Met every requirement with small airlines in Asia. I pack generally just 13 pounds. My only wish for this bag would be to have load lifters. This is not for the weight for me but to bring the load closer to the body for even a better carry experience. Very comfortable, looks good even compressed down for a daily carry. Almost perfect!

  9. Kenny “TINTD” Theriault (verified owner)

    I just got my Dragonfly the other day and have used it as my daily work bag. Upon first inspection, I was very impressed with the build of this pack. It feels very rugged to the touch (almost like an Ursack bear bag to be honest). The design is exactly what I would want in a work/travel pack. The laptop sleeve keeps the computer off the floor (no more towels stuffed inside as with my old pack). The side pockets are voluminous and easily hold even the widest handheld Yeti style water bottle. The mini brain is perfect for my keys and key cards and anything else I need to get quickly as it is sitting on the car seat. I know from the various pockets etc. this will be the best travel pack I have used. In the past I have used the Photon and the daypack which were ok, but both could only be accessed from the roll top. The long u shaped zipper on this is a great idea. The straps inside will keep your stuff from flying out as well if you happen to tip it over with the zipper open. Bravo for the design of this pack. I can’t wait to test the travel part of this in Costa Rica.

  10. Waverly Jung (verified owner)

    One Bag Travel

  11. Aidan O’Connor (verified owner)

    Excellent all-purpose backpack. Really dig the fabric, holds it shape well and appears to be very durable. Bought one for my girlfriend and now considering buying one for myself!

  12. Jim Marino

    Next Level Dragonfly….

    Although I haven’t had this Ultra 800 pack long enough to really put it to the test, I am quite confident it will handle anything I can throw at it. I had a previous version in X50 fabric and this EPL Ultra material seems to be way tougher with a much softer hand. The previous Dragonfly had been on so many trips in the backcountry, on a plane, fly fishing, biking, and in a car and I have always been satisfied. Comfy, tough, and easy to look at. Took the plunge on this new version and have not regretted the decision. The new mesh material is a game changer regarding longevity of exterior mesh pockets. Not only is the EPL Ultra bomber, but so is the mesh. Great job ULA !!

  13. Brian (verified owner)

    Well thought out design. Very versatile…can be used for edc, travel, day hikes, etc. I love the new Ultra fabric. It is very lightweight, highly durable, and waterproof. The fit and finish of the pack is perfect. The interior of the pack is wide open, and easily accessible through the clam shell design. There are enough pockets to keep things organized, but not so many that you forget where things are. The new mesh fabric seems very durable, and I like the ability to lash something down to the outside of the pack, using the shock cord. Very satisfied with my purchase. This is my second ULA pack.

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