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ULA Torso Measurement Guide
ULA Hipbelt Measurement Guide
ULA Hipbelt Measurement Guide
S v J Strap Comparison


  • Standing upright, tilt your chin to your chest.
  • Locate your C7 Vertabra—the large lump at the base of your neck.
  • With flexible tape, measure down the length and natural curvature of your spine to your iliac crest/ the top of your hipbone.
  • This measurement in inches is your torso length.

TIP: If you're between 2 sizes, order the smaller size. Still not sure? Contact us.


We've found most people in these height ranges fall into these torso/pack sizes. That being said, it is always best to measure your torso using the guide above.

If you're between sizes and you are getting a FRAMED pack, we recommend you size DOWN!

If you're between sizes and you are getting a FRAMELESS pack, we recommend you size UP!

If you have questions, or your torso size doesn’t seem to make sense for your height, please contact us.


Use the following method to determine your hipbelt inches, then head to Step 4 to see the hipbelt size you need.


Pant Waist Size + 2".


CURVY HIPS: Smallest part of your waist + 5".
STRAIGHT HIPS: Smallest part of your waist + 3".


Smallest Part of waist + 2".


Find the hipbelt measurement you calculated in Step 3 on the chart. That will be your hipbelt size.

TIP: If you are on the outer edge of a size, order the larger size. [ Ex: If you are 38", you will notice 38" is the last number of the Medium Hipbelt and the first number of the Large Hipbelt. You would want to order a Large.]


The downward slope of your shoulder profile usually determines strap preference. You can assess your shoulder slope profile by looking in a mirror or having a friend look at the angle of your shoulder from the base of your neck to your shoulder point. 

If there is relatively little or no downward slope, you have what is referred to as flat or squared shoulders.

If there is a noticeable downward slope, you have what is referred to as standard or sloping shoulders.


J-straps are the traditional straight straps. They are best suited for people with flat or square shoulders, as their flat shape provides better surface contact and less rub.


S-straps contour body curves. They are best suited for people with standard or sloping shoulders, as their contoured shape better hugs your shoulder slope.

TIP: If you have a short torso but a larger upper body, you may need a slightly longer strap. If you are very large in the upper body, you might need XL shoulder straps. Contact us, and we would be happy to make these customizations so your pack is comfortable and fits well.



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NEW FOR 2024: At ULA, we understand every trip is different, and your pack and gear needs can change with each trip, so we've updated the ULA pack line to be more versatile than ever to keep up with how you adventure. What's new? We've replaced the regular mesh front pocket with an UltraStretch™ mesh for added abrasion resistance and durability. Combination ice axe/trekking pole loops are now a standard feature; the weather is unpredictable, and we believe your pack should be able to adapt as fast as you can. We've also added low-profile loops to the top and bottom of these packs to accommodate removable top Y-strap and/or bottom straps. Purchase an ultra-light strap kit for your pack and be able to instantly add the capacity to strap larger items (tent, food storage, or sleeping pads) to the top or bottom of your pack as your gear needs change. And while we were at it, we made them prettier.

The ULA 2024 Ohm is a full-featured, active full-suspension, ultralight pack that offers exceptional load control, on-trail functionality, and full body compression. Combining a 1.2 oz carbon fiber/delrin active suspension hoop and near full body compression, the ULA Ohm maximizes load control, weight transfer, pack compression, and overall pack rigidity in an ultralight package.

The Ohm is the pack for the fast folks, the ones who travel light, but still take a prudent amount of gear to be safe and comfortable. This pack uses the same belt and shoulder strap system as our larger packs, so comfort and weight transfer are as good as it gets. Also, like our larger packs, the hip-belt can move up or down in its sleeve, allowing you to fine-tune the torso length. This pack comes standard with a roll-top closure.

The ULA 2024 Ohm is one tough pack that’s been built to last despite its minimal weight.


WEIGHT: 33.8 OZ | 958 GM


Ohm Weight Chart

VOLUME: 3,960 CU IN | 63 L
MAX LOAD: 30 LBS | 13.6 KG

The Ohm is the pack for the fast folks, the ones who travel light, but still take a prudent amount of gear to be safe and comfortable. Jenn Wall of THE TREK recently reviewed the Ohm, calling it her current “go-to backpack.” 


  • NEW! UltraStretch™ Mesh Front Pocket
  • NEW! Ice Axe/Trekking Pole Loops
  • NEW! Low Profile Loops for Removable External Straps
  • NEW! Colored Bottom Panels & Shoulder Strap Inserts!
  • Standard Top Strap
  • Suspension Hoop
  • Internal Pad Holster
  • Contoured Shoulder Straps
  • Non-stretch Compression Shock Cord Sides
  • Rolltop Closure
  • Top Compression Strap
  • Dual Hipbelt Pockets
  • Removable & Height Adjustable Pass-through Hipbelt
  • Sternum Strap
  • 400 Robic Bottom Panel
  • 400 Robic Adjustable Side Pockets w/ Elasticized Top
  • Hydration Port
  • Foam Pad (2.0 oz)




TOTAL VOLUME: 3,960 CI | 63 L


  • MAIN BODY: 2,100 CI | 34.4 L
  • FRONT MESH POCKET: 500 CI | 8.2 L
  • LEFT SIDE POCKET: 400 CI | 6.6 L
  • RIGHT SIDE POCKET: 400 CI | 6.6 L
  • EXTENSION COLLAR: 500 CI | 8.2 L
ULA 2024 Ohm with Top Y-strap and Bottom Straps
ULA 2024 Ohm with Top Y-strap and Bottom Straps



A: The suspension hoop used in the Ohm is a minimal solution in helping you transfer load between shoulder and hip. If you imagine an upside ‘U’ you get a sense of how the hoop is positioned and how it functions. The upper arch of the ‘U’ ties into the shoulder straps, while each leg of the ‘U’ ties into the hipbelt. These points of contact allow for a range of suspension flexibility while being rigid enough to support loads up to 30 lbs. In addition, because the suspension is located to the periphery of the pack body, the backpanel is ‘soft.’ This results in a pack that can handle a load and does not dictate your body’s movements — but rather responds to how you move.


A: The bane of many ultralight packs is the lack of adequate compression. They work great when they are fully loaded (and therefore relatively stable in terms of load control), but suffer when the total volume is not packed. The Variable Compression System on the Ohm allows the entire pack body to be compressed no matter the overall volume of gear you have. We use non-stretch cordage as it maximizes compression and is lighter, and our 2mm nickel grommets act as cordage guides to ensure a smooth pull and stability.


A: Just about any lightweight pad (foam or inflatable) can be used for additional support and padding inside the Ohm. Three quarters and full length pads that can be folded (as opposed to rolled) work the best. If you are using an inflatable mattress, deflate, then fold it into 1/3’s or 1/5’s before inserting. We also supply a ¼ inch piece of open cell foam with the pack that works very well for those of you not carrying a sleeping pad.

Alternately, you can add a Bottom Strap Kit, a Top Y-strap Kit, or Both to carry your pad externally.


A: Personally, we prefer to carry a smaller 20 oz bottle in the Ohm. The shorter height is more secure in the ~6″ tall pocket, and is easier to reach than a taller 32 oz bottle. In general most people can reach back and retrieve a bottle, drink, and return the bottle to the pocket without removing the pack. The top of the side pockets are angled for easier access, and are keep under tension with non-adjustable 1/2″ elastic.


A: Yes. Smaller bear cans can fit in the pack vertically, while larger cans can be strapped to the top of the pack (externally.)

To see a chart showing what bear cans fit in what ULA packs (and how),  visit our blog post “Bears! Everything You Need to Know About Backpacking in Bear Country.


A: The top of the pack closes like a dry bag (also known as a rolltop) very similar to what river runners use to create a water resistant seal for their gear bags. The back of the collar is slightly taller than the front. Once you are packed, the collar can be rolled down upon itself to effectively create a barrier to water penetration. Once rolled, each side of the collar can be buckled to the sides of the pack or the two yellow buckles on the top can also be fastened to each other.

As for access, once the collar is rolled and fastened shut, you would need to unbuckle the compression straps and unroll the collar to access the inside of the pack. However, the roll-top only needs to be rolled shut when the weather dictates. If the sky is dry, the collar can simply be folded forward. Vertical compression can still be achieved by buckling the collar to the sides of the pack.


…the toughest standard fabric we’ve ever seen. Highly tear and abbrassion resistant, reinforced with a ripstop weave to increase tear strength and stitch holding capabilities. 100% Robic Nylon fabric with three-pass Teflon DWR and a three-pass PU Coating, making it highly water resistant.


UltraStretch™ is an advanced 4-way stretch mesh woven with the highest quality fibers for performance and longevity. Made from a woven blend of Nylon 6-6, Lycra®, and Ultra-PE and coated with C0 DWR.

Two Red Robic 2024 Ohms sitting next to a rock on a trail
Backpacker on the trail with a ULA 2024 Catalyst attaching his bear canister to the top of his pack with a Y-strap


43 reviews for 2024 Ohm

  1. Sydney R

    I got an Ohm 2.0 all the way back in 2016, and while some things have changed, lots hasn’t. It is and has been my favorite pack for the last 7 years.

    I took it on an AT thru, a 2-month PCT section hike, and various other small trips. It has ~3500 miles on it and, while it is showing some wear, it is still going strong. After this much use: the fabric has gotten thin in some high wear spots (under to top strap especially) and has lost all water repellency, the back mesh has plenty of coin-sized holes, the frame squeaks faintly, and the straps get loose and need to be readjusted every couple days. That’s it! The pack otherwise has plenty of life left.

    The pack is: extremely comfortable, highly adjustable, relatively high capacity, has THE BEST bottle pockets I’ve ever used (large and very easy to reach), has big hipbelt pockets (I regularly stuffed entire 13oz bags of peanut m&ms in them), and has a minimalist frame (supportive but still moves with you a little). I carried 20-35lbs in this pack for countless days and was never miserable. I certainly stuffed it to the brim on many occasions, but I was never really left wanting more space.

    My favorite aspect is how easy it is to keep everything you need for the day within reach. The side and hipbelt pockets are large enough to be able to keep snacks, water, electronics, maps, filter, and other such things accessible without taking your pack off.

    I compared my old Ohm to people’s new Ohms while on the PCT, and it seems most of the things I didn’t like have changed:
    The bottle pockets now have adjustable cordage, the back pocket mesh is thicker is more durable, the ice axe attachment seems more robust, and IT HAS A ROLL TOP CLOSURE (the cinch top had its pros, but I often wished it was roll top). The mesh seems to hold less than mine does, but I’d trade that for the durability. It also got a little heavier, mine was ~30oz in medium, but it seems that comes from more durable materials and a better hipbelt attachment method.

    If my Ohm dies soon, I’ll probably just buy another.

  2. Earl

    Most comfortable pack!
    Granted, my go-to big pack was a Deuter Air Contact that I’ve had for 10+years. It’s been around the US with me and has seen thousands of miles. I thought it was good. Then I bought the Ohm. There’s NO turning back.

    I’m a 165#, 6’1 guy and the s-straps have cured all my previous shoulder pain. The fine tuning of the hip belt has helped mitigate a lot of SI pain also. The ultra light weight is a bonus and being able to pick my colors/accessories was a huge plus.

  3. Brett Robinson

    Just a really good pack. I carried this pack on the Highline Trail in the Uinta mountains for six days in 2020. It’s a very narrow pack, so it sits close to your spine and doesn’t stray far laterally left or right. My max carry was about 35 pounds which is right at the edge of comfortable. In my opinion, once 33 pounds in less is achieved, the Pat carries like a dream. I was the envy of my group! I next purchased the hyper light mountain gear Southwest 4400 on my next hike. I wound up selling the Hyperlight mountain gear pack and returning to my ULA Ohm 2.0. It’s my pack! It does everything I need it to do and it does it all well.

  4. Jo

    I really wanted to like this pack but found it so uncomfortable. I bought my pack according to the size charts and followed the fitting video, but no matter how I adjusted the pack, the straps put way too much pressure on my shoulders. I tested this pack out on a 5 day trip. The heaviest my pack was was 28 lbs at the start, which is within the recommended limit, yet by the end my shoulders and iliac crest were very sore. I can’t recommend this pack per se, but ULA does have amazing customer service and they’re a great company to support.

  5. Jim Medlock (verified owner)

    This is my third backpack and so far it’s the most comfortable and functional one yet! As an individual with a thin, straight profile (no hips!) getting a good pack fit has been a real problem for me. But the design of the Ohm 2.0 finally gives me a pack that’s not painful. I’m taking it on a section hike for the AT next week and have no doubts that it’s the right choice for my adventure. In addition, ULA customer service was amazing. They answered my questions quickly. Thank you Peter and the whole ULA team for your support of the backpacker community!!!

  6. Matthew Holliman (verified owner)

    I have had my pack for a year and use/ overstuff it multiple times a week. Not only is the Ohm 2.0 an amazing pack, which I use most days because I travel a lot for work and would prefer not to have a suitcase, but the company is amazing as well. I misused the pack and ended up breaking the support frame. I sent one email explaining what I had done and without any additional questions, Peter agreed to send me a new frame. I’m proud to have ULA’s pack on my back. What a company!


    Wish the pad was on the outside not the inside and was like 2 top and bottom pockets like the gossamer gear pack so one could use the pad as a seat quickly and easily. This is the only thing I can possibly think to change on this amazing pack this has been my main go to pack for over 6 years and still looks brand new. It has the perfect combination of light materials and durability that I don’t have to worry about ripping it when I backpack off trail.

  8. Max (verified owner)

    Used in for 2000+ miles on my AT thru hike. 1 small hole in the mesh, and everything else in perfect shape. carried 35 pounds no problem 10/10 backpack

  9. Dan C

    First off, I have not dealt with a pack company that has better customer service than ULA. They were VERY helpful and responsive no matter my silly questions.
    The OHM is a great light pack, I’ve used it all Summer in Wyoming and Colorado and I’ve even carried more than the recommended weight a couple times with no problems. I just love these huge side pockets. The ULA crew really does listen to customer complaints and suggestions which is why I’ll probably be sending my pack back to have a Y strap and some underside straps added. The main reasons for Me buying this pack – the changeable hipbelts and choices of so many colors / options. The belt on My 2017 Osprey Exos just won’t go small enough anymore.

  10. Vanessa Swinton (verified owner)

    Best pack. I am in awe of this pack. I actually never knew a pack could feel this comfortable. I’ve always used packs with the fully structured back and padding like osprey etc. I always struggled with sore shoulders and bruised hips. With the ohm 2.0 no sore bruised hips, shoulders feel fine and when I put it on I’m not constantly readjusting for comfort.
    Thank you sooo much ULA for an awesome product, I am one happy hiker

  11. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Just got back form a six day trek in Yosemite to Red Peak Pass. A few week before a three day in Grand Teton. This is the first long distances I have done with the Ohm 2.0 and I am very pleased. System was easily able to hold the load I was wanting to bring(~30) and carried it well. No issues on either trip. Everything tight and in good shape at the end of it all. A solid purchase.

  12. Lemur

    I thru hiked the entire AT and later PCT using the Ohm. It has some wear and tear after 4,000+ miles but honestly could probably make one more thru hike before it needs retired. What more do you need to know?

  13. Austin Maruna (verified owner)

    I just completed my first trek with my Ohm 2.0 and I was wildly impressed. This pack is comfortable on the shoulders and flexible around the hips, which made some of the 9k ft of elevation over 3 days much easier. This size is perfect too. Large enough to pack everything I need and small enough to make sure I don’t overpack. Perfect pack for me, thanks ULA.

  14. Gregory Emmanuel (verified owner)

    I have used my Ohm 2.0 on 12 trips now and I’m still in awe, whoever designed it knew what they were doing. I ordered mine online using ULAs guide to measure for the size and then worked with ULA to dial the pack in for a good fit. Now it fits perfectly and fits me like a glove. ULA was phenomenal in answering my questions and helping me. My typical load is about 20 – 25 lbs but on one occasion I was loaded down with 31 lbs and the pack performed perfectly well, it was comfortable and stable. The Ohm 2.0 is extremely well made and those cavernous external pockets are unbelievably practical. I love this pack for its fit and simplicity, thank you ULA!

  15. Robbie

    This is my first very lightweight pack and after loading it up with all of my camping gear, I took it on some local, moderate for Colorado (rated hard on alltrails) hikes. I’m blown away by how comfortable this pack is and SO STOKED to do some multi day loops in the next few weeks with it. Every hike has been the exact same level of difficulty as if I wasn’t wearing the pack. Zero discomfort afterward. Make sure to watch the “How to fit and adjust” video on youtube as it is really helpful for getting it exactly right.

  16. Icarus

    My Ohm 2.0 lasted an entire AT thru hike back in 2015, another 1000 miles after that, and it’s still going strong. I haven’t had to repair or patch any part of the pack either.

  17. George Cuthbert (verified owner)

    Great 4 season backpack !! Great lightweight pack for spring , summer , and fall trips . Yet you can stuff (and I do mean STUFF) enough gear for winter Love mine !!

  18. George Cuthbert (verified owner)

    Awesome backpack !! I have used this pack all 4 seasons. Small enough for lightweight summer trips, but big enough to stuff ( and I do mean STUFF ) gear to stay warm in winter. You won’t be sorry

  19. Flavrt

    Key to my 12 lb base load limit for 34 day hike. Roomy, comfortable, durable, convenient, and even prestigious. Great pack and company. Dozens on the trail asked who made it.

  20. Ellie Thomas (Lucy Lulu)

    My OHM 2.0 has about a 1,000 mikes on it now, and is going strong. I could go lighter, and have used both frame and frameless, but nothing beats the comfort of my OHM!

    When I hike in the summer, it is definitely not full, and that is with about 4 days of food, but I’ve not found a more comfortable pack yet, so it’s ok it is a little more than I need. It will be going with me on the AZT and the Colorado Trail this upcoming year 2020).

    I appreciate the ruggedness and price point of the OHM. Thanks for making a great product!

  21. Miki G.

    I ordered a custom color Ohm 2.0 in August with the help of Steve, one of ULA’s reps. The pack turned out beautifully. I took my first trip with it this week in Dolly Sods and its performance outshined its pretty looks! Though it took me a few tries to really dial in the fit, it was comfortable, stable and well balanced. I did 20 miles in 3 days (I know, I’m slow) and never once felt pinched or abraided by the hip belt, the back pad or the shoulder straps. My base weight was 15 pounds with a total loadout of 25 pounds – hey, I took way too much food. Don’t judge :p

    Thank you, ULA, for my pretty Ohm 2.0. Just wanted to let you know you did an amazing job with my pack and it exceeded my very high expectations!

  22. Miki

    I just received my very first ULA pack, a customized, 2 color Ohm 2.0. It’s beautiful, lightweight and fits like a dream. Thank you for putting my dragonflies on it. I will recommend you to anyone looking for new gear!

  23. Quinton Wall (verified owner)

    I own both the Catalyst and Ohm having clocked thousands of miles on both over approximately 5 years. During this time I have only ever had 2 issues: 1) a small tear in the mesh on the Catalyst (looks like the new Catalyst did away with the mesh) – which was probably my fault 2) I lost the hand loops – definitely my fault. When I emailed Chris re purchasing new loops, he wouldn’t let me buy them and sent a pair for free. Not only are the packs exception quality, so are the people and service behind the products. If you are simply comparing ounces to other packs, those are all made with DCF which IME breaks down around 800-1000 miles of use, and typically list weight before things like belt pockets are added.

    The only downside I have found with the ULA packs is they don’t break which doesn’t help my pack obsession of wanting to buy/try new packs – they are just that good!

  24. Jeff W.

    I bought my OHM 2.0 four or five years ago. Still had the older style side pockets. In fact, I believe it was the first one built with the black choice in the robic fabric. Anyway, I seem to have a love affair with backpacks and have tried out several makes and models since that time, always looking for the perfect pack. I pulled my OHM 2.0 out last weekend after not using it for a couple of years. It’s comfort blew me away compared to the other packs I’d been using. I carried it for a 25 mile weekend through the Whites, heavier than usual (21 lbs or so) since I was with my daughter and carrying a bigger tent and food for two. The OHM is the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn. Let’s just say there will be some packs up for sale soon as the OHM is my go to pack from now on.

    Keep up the good work, ULA!

  25. cheery (verified owner)

    I completed 900+ miles on the PCT this year using this pack. I love it!
    The pack held up well despite the rough handling through the desert as well as the heavy snow on the sierras. I was able to fit the BV450 bear canister into the pack sideways which provided a well balanced pack against my back to help me navigate the steep snow climbs through the high passes. I was never out of balance like the other packs I’ve used when I had to strap it on the top. The huge side pockets carried my cook system while the other side carried my water filter. This made it very accessable when needed. I highly recommend the Ohm.

  26. michael glander (verified owner)

    i am completely in love with this pack and this company i talked to chris a bit about customization before deciding to just go with the standard pack with a roll top option and its amazing. i had it for a week before i couldnt stand to not take it out and get some mud on it only did about 7 miles but with my 13 pound base weight over 2 liter of water and 3 meals of food i could hardly even feel it on my back i cant wait to carry it on an actual trip. the best part besides its weight the side pockets i can actually reach them and one will hold 3 smart water bottles no problem and i can keep my cook kit or lunch bag in the other

  27. Michael Mavrogordato (verified owner)

    I am 69 years old, had never backpacked before and I just completed the camino de santiago ( all 799 km worth) with the ohm 2. I was careful to only carry 7kg.( excluding water), but this pack fit like a glove and was a pleasure to carry. My only observation is that the two huge side pockets were useless to me because they were too large to hold anything securely. Aside from that, every strap ( once you got the hang of it) worked perfectly and the hip belt was the envy of the camino because unlike most packs I saw, it was wide and strong and actually gripped unto skinny hips. Congratulations on a well designed and manufactured product.

  28. Joshua Borchardt (verified owner)

    Updating my review:

    Just got done with a gnarly 40 mile hike on the MN Border Route trail with this pack. Trail was really, really overgrown, super uneven terrain with roots and rocks all over, mixed rain as well.

    My previous review still stands, for the most part. I loved the lower lumbar pad and no longer think a full length one was needed. The pack itself performed flawlessly, however I will get rid of the nylon interior pouch for a cuben one (water proof). The pack material, I found, once wet, stayed wet for a while. Though really not much water entered the bag—just the hip belt absorbed some.

    The pull string top is wonderful, and it is a great size. I carried 30lb with water for the first day or so and carried great. I had the waterbottles on the shoulders and, although comfortable, the bunjee strings really destroyed my smart bottles. If shoulder mounting them, I’d probably opt for the shoulder sleeves for Smart Bottles that some other manufacturers make.

    The fact that the hip belt is sew in, but flexible, makes this an amazing pack for uneven terrain or scrambling. It really moved with my body and I pretty much never adjusted it again after I cinched it into place when I initially put it on in the morning.

    All in all: happy pack, happy customer.

  29. Daylan Wagener

    I love this pack. It carries super comfortably with all of the loads I’ve loaded it with.. I’ve had on several trips and it still looks new. The stretch pocket is great. The side pockets are huge witch is great. My only minor complaint is the ice axe holder is in the middle, so it hard to use when the mesh pocket is full.

  30. jthomas7002

    I have nothing but positive things to say about both ULA customer service and the Ohm. Chris is super responsive and ready to help. The Ohm packs and carries fabulously. The side pockets and front stretch pocket are as functional as advertised; I carried all my water in one side pocket and my wet gear in the front. This really opened a lot of space in the main pack for my gear and plenty of food. ULA will be at the top of the list the next time I’m looking for a pack.

  31. Rick

    First off, I contacted Chris a few times prior to ordering. His email response time was very fast (within an hour) and he was very informative. Kudos on the customer service portion of my review!

    Now on to the pack. The Ohm 2.0 is pretty much the only pack I considered from ULA- given that my usual load for a 3-day trip is around 21-22lbs. As such, I felt the Circuit would be a bit overkill for my needs. The Ohm 2.0 is constructed very well; and I like the fact that the straps are extra long- especially the load lifter straps. I also really like the shoulder strap bottle holders. If you’re someone with limited shoulder mobility like me, ULA is a perfect option. I could never reach behind me and grab a water bottle from side pockets. The Ohm doesn’t have a ton of storage features, but what it does have, it executes flawlessly. For example, the side pockets are huge, and can accommodate my entire cook kit, flask, tarp, hammock suspension, stakes, fuel, sawyer mini w/1L of unfiltered water, with room to spare. Also, the stretchy mesh pocket on the front is awesome! I don’t think I could ever run out of room to cram stuff, if I needed to. Lastly, the hip belt pockets hold a lot of misc. items- snacks, compass, headlamp, etc… The Ohm 2.0 has a few great pockets- which I like. Most mainstream pack manufacturers take a “let’s see how many quasi-functional doo-dads we can cram into this pack” approach. And rarely are those features used, nor do they usually function well. The Ohm 2.0 is utilitarian. I like that.

    Now onto real world usage. My first outing with the pack was a 2-day, 3 night 30 mile trek on the OHT, in 90-ish degree temps. There were a lot of environmental factors to make this trip uncomfortable, but my pack was not one of them. The Ohm 2.0 handled everything well. It brushed up against its fair share of foliage, branches, and trees, and sustained zero damage. I really like how the pack moved with my body. It carried my load very well and comfortably the entire time. It does a good job of keeping the weight close to the body and on the hips, where it belongs. The bevy of adjustment points on the suspension is a huge plus; and it really allows the user to “dial in” the pack the way they like.

    I don’t foresee this pack wearing out any time soon. But once it does, I would not hesitate to replace it with another Ohm- perhaps a 3.0 version?

  32. Josh (verified owner)

    I have to say this pack is somewhat non-traditional. No brain? No roll top? It really is very different than the norm out there—and I love it. I used to work several years at REI, have done countless pack fittings, and used pretty much every major pack brand out there from canoe trips to mountaineering on one of the seven summits. The Ohm 2.0 fits the bill nicely for any of my trips for 3 days, in any weather condition, from mid-summer to -40 below F in winter. It only carries 30lbs well (really, that is a very appropriate max weight). So 3 days any condition is pretty darn good.

    For summer, I have gotten my base weight below 10lbs, so I am able to sneak about 5 days out of this pack for longer backpacking trips. This is pretty much a single sport pack—I do bring a flyrod often, but that’s about it. For multisport, look for something bigger like the catalyst.

    -I love how the pack moves with your body
    -I do think they will probably continue to improve the back panel. I like mine with the lower lumbar pad, but find it carries best when I have a 6 section z-lite instead of their thin foam pad—although the thin foam pad is nice in winter, where that space is taken up with bulkier items and the pad can go on top of the pack.

    -Please add a strap retainer loop just above the haul loop on the top outside of the frame. That way the top compression strap wont continually fall through the haul loop where I have to restring it. That would be a nice and convenient feature at no weight penalty.
    -Side water bottle pockets could probably benefit from being 1-2 in deeper–but whos counting?

    -I managed to hook my Goal0 solar panel comfortably on the back of the pack using the ice axe loop and ice axe straps mid-way up the pack. They work perfectly for that–no extra daisy chains needed!

    At first I was skeptical, but I love this thing and can’t imagine getting something else for sub 30lb carry capacity. I imagine many years of hard use.

  33. Katya Gradler

    Of the 5-6 packs I’ve tried over the years, this is certainly the most functional and comfortable. I have narrow shoulders and a short torso, and the sizing works well for me. For how lightweight it is, it’s incredibly durable. I usually take it out for 3-4 day backpacking trips with an average weight of 20 pounds, but I’ve found it comfortable for the 15-25 lb. range. If you’re not great at organizing or don’t have your pack down to essentials, this is a good pack to work on that since there’s one main huge pocket and you need to put things in so that what you’ll use during the day is accessible. Love this pack!

  34. Arlen N (verified owner)

    Just got back from a 3 day, 2 night, 18 mile hike with my new OHM 2.0. Awesome! I have had 2 or 3 other packs and this is, BY FAR, the best pack I have ever owned. I did a lot of research when looking for a new pack. The features, customer service, and the fact that it seems like all the reviews on YouTube about ULA were great just kept leading me back to ULA. Absolutely love the pack!

  35. Matt O (verified owner)

    This pack is awesome. It fits perfectly, it carries my load great, its super comfy, and extremely lightweight. I was unsure of my measurements, so I contacted Chris. He gave me his suggestions, and I couldn’t be happier with his recommendation. This is an extremely high quality pack for a very reasonable price. Got a few compliments about it on the trail last weekend too!

  36. Micah

    Best pack I’ve ever owned. I’m a short-distance backpacker, but I have been through 4-5 different packs over the years. Every feature on this pack just makes sense; you can tell it was designed by and for backpackers. For the life of me I cannot understand why more pack makers don’t put pockets where you can actually access them!! ULA does that with the HUGE side pockets and the 2 generous hipbelt pockets. You can even add a shoulder strap pocket, which I did. The frame is a bit fragile and will bend/or break if you abuse it, so be mindful of that. Never had a comfort issue with this pack loaded to 20-25 lbs, for 16-17 mile days. Durable as well. I used it for hunting one year as a daypack (too big for that) and it held up to me slinging it on/off in the brush about 100 times.

  37. Critter

    I used this pack on my 2016 thru hike of the at and loved it. It rides perfectly with or without the frame. Robic fabric is really strong and I was very rough with it and it still held up for another 1900 miles on the PCT. I just replaced it with the newer model and am even more impressed. Thanks for such great quality packs and excellent customer service.

  38. Syndey

    I had a 2016 multicam pack on my 2017 AT thru hike and loved everything about it.
    The pack is more like a 40L pack than the quoted 60 liters which was confusing before I bought it, but it’s still a sizable pack for anyone going ultralight. Most of the attached extras are easy to pop out and the back panel foam can easily be replaced by a sleeping pad (i used a thermarest neoair trekker as the back pad). The frame transfers load pretty well but if the pack isn’t full the top strap will start to bend the frame over time. The pack was still comfortable at 35lbs and carried well. Compression system is a bit weird to use at first but is very good at locking in your gear and keeping everything compressed for better load transfer. My favorite thing about this pack are the absolutely massive water bottle pockets. They’re huge. Massive. Game changing. Easily fits two 1.5L smartwater bottles or a bunch of extra gear. The pack carries well with and without a hipbelt and still transferred weight superbly even without the frame due to the phenomenal compression system. Easily my favorite pack.

  39. Anthony LaFortuna

    Best backpack I’ve ever owned!

    I had two backpacks before this one and this ULA Ohm 2.0 is amazing. It is the most comfortable backpack I have ever had. I used to have neck pain whenever I went backpacking, which is really bad because I love to backpack. On my last trip, I used this backpack and had no neck pain. I guess the other packs didn’t fit just perfect or perhaps the design was an issue. I don’t know, but what I do know is that THIS pack is awesome. Huge pockets on your hip, huge side pockets on the bag, big stretch pocket on the front and I got the roll top, which is an awesome feature. Get this pack, it’s light, it holds up well, and it’s priced very fair for such a good pack.

  40. Dr Bryan Ryles

    Well built, lightweight pack!

    Have you recently been REALLY happy…twice??? That’s me, now that I’ve found ULA. First, the customer service, as mentioned by other reviewers is real…from Rodney to Chris, the CEO/owner. Great follow-up and instant shipping! Second, (naturally most important !), the pack. I’ve only taken it on a long day hike yesterday, with only partial load of about 16 pounds including clothes and water: no tent, sleeping bag/pad, or supply of food. So, I will edit my review after a weekend two-night overnighter. From the shoulder harness to the packability, the pack feels good and huge side pockets make the pack fully functional while hiking. Plus, the hand loops really are not ” gimmicky,” but a real plus to rest your hands! Fully, multi-adjustable hip belt works well and allows for infinite adjustment. Can’t wait to try it out with full gear. So far, love it! ( Plus, any pack with material called ” Purple Blaze,” for us 60’s fans, can’t go wrong, right Jimmy Hendrix????)!!

  41. Anonymous

    Great Pack!

    used the OHM 2.0 this year to walk the Camino de Santiago. At age 70 I had never backpacked before. I round this pack wonderful and comfortable. ULA helped me fit my pack perfectly for my body (I emailed pictures, got help.) I recommend it on forums for other Camino walkers, it was comfortable and light. I did not miss the weight-adding pockets on some other packs.

  42. Mark R

    Great backpack! Awesome Customer Service!

    If you’ve found this page and are considering a ULA OHM 2.0, it’s likely because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews this backpack has received. The design, comfort and quality tends to speak for itself, and at a great value compared to similar packs. What you may not know is the absolutely fantastic customer service you get with this purchase. Without going into lengthy detail, just know that ULA is committed to making sure each and every customer is 100% happy with their products. This was a concern of mine in regards to proper fit but ULA really blew me away with the help I received and they worked with me to make sure everything was right. Don’t think twice about making this purchase.

  43. Larry B

    Best pack ever!

    I ordered this last season, but was waylaid by some surgery so no opportunity till late last year. So far, the pack is great – stable, close-fitting, comfortable, big enough but not too big; all pretty amazing for a 2-lb pack. I tried both the Ohm 2.0 and the Circuit, but the Ohm carried just as well as the Circuit for me; maybe better and lighter, and I much preferred the compression system on the Ohm – cinch it up and you have a day pack if needed. A real bonus came in with the ability to get some custom features on the order, for me an extra strap on the side to secure a platypus externally, the Circuit pockets, and a belt with larger pockets to carry a camera. All the service was great, product as requested, and super on the trail. I cannot think of what I would ever trade up to in a pack since there are NO issues at all. Definitely a happy camper (literally).
    Perhaps the ONLY request might be an internal sewn-in security pocket for keys and such; but a very small thing. Love it.

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