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ULA Torso Measurement Guide
ULA Hipbelt Measurement Guide
ULA Hipbelt Measurement Guide
S v J Strap Comparison


  • Standing upright, tilt your chin to your chest.
  • Locate your C7 Vertabra—the large lump at the base of your neck.
  • With flexible tape, measure down the length and natural curvature of your spine to your iliac crest/ the top of your hipbone.
  • This measurement in inches is your torso length.

TIP: If you're between 2 sizes, order the smaller size. Still not sure? Contact us.


We've found most people in these height ranges fall into these torso/pack sizes. That being said, it is always best to measure your torso using the guide above.

If you're between sizes and you are getting a FRAMED pack, we recommend you size DOWN!

If you're between sizes and you are getting a FRAMELESS pack, we recommend you size UP!

If you have questions, or your torso size doesn’t seem to make sense for your height, please contact us.


Use the following method to determine your hipbelt inches, then head to Step 4 to see the hipbelt size you need.


Pant Waist Size + 2".


CURVY HIPS: Smallest part of your waist + 5".
STRAIGHT HIPS: Smallest part of your waist + 3".


Smallest Part of waist + 2".


Find the hipbelt measurement you calculated in Step 3 on the chart. That will be your hipbelt size.

TIP: If you are on the outer edge of a size, order the larger size. [ Ex: If you are 38", you will notice 38" is the last number of the Medium Hipbelt and the first number of the Large Hipbelt. You would want to order a Large.]


The downward slope of your shoulder profile usually determines strap preference. You can assess your shoulder slope profile by looking in a mirror or having a friend look at the angle of your shoulder from the base of your neck to your shoulder point. 

If there is relatively little or no downward slope, you have what is referred to as flat or squared shoulders.

If there is a noticeable downward slope, you have what is referred to as standard or sloping shoulders.


J-straps are the traditional straight straps. They are best suited for people with flat or square shoulders, as their flat shape provides better surface contact and less rub.


S-straps contour body curves. They are best suited for people with standard or sloping shoulders, as their contoured shape better hugs your shoulder slope.

TIP: If you have a short torso but a larger upper body, you may need a slightly longer strap. If you are very large in the upper body, you might need XL shoulder straps. Contact us, and we would be happy to make these customizations so your pack is comfortable and fits well.

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Meet the ULA Camino, the most versatile panel loader on the market today. Designed to meet standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for carry-on luggage, the Camino measures 22 x 13 x 8.25 with the extension collar rolled down. It may be compact, but it’s still large enough to fit all your gear for an extended hike easily — heck, it will even hold a bear canister horizontally. Made of 100% 400 Denier Black Diamond Robic fabric with dual aluminum stays, the Camino is tough enough to survive even the most aggressive baggage handler. Yet, it weighs in at only 47 oz!

Built to be as comfortable on the road or the trail as the Catalyst, the Camino features the same internal twin stay framesheet, shoulder straps, hipbelt, roll-top closure, and side pockets you know and love. Side compression straps keep your kit tight, while bottom straps offer convenient storage and easy access for a jacket or sleeping pad. The front panel loader has an internal zippered split-pocket to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible. Internal retention straps hold everything in place. And a new, internal stretch mesh laptop pocket keeps your tech where it should be.

Whether you’re hopping trains and chicken buses or hiking the Camino de Santiago, staying in a hostel, or out in your tent, the Camino has you covered from airplane to adventure and home again.


WEIGHT: 47.2 OZ | 1,338 GM


Camino Weight Chart

VOLUME: 3,274 CU IN | 54 L
MAX LOAD: 40 LBS | 18 KG

From airport to trail, the Camino is the most versatile panel loader on the market today. Designed to meet most airline carry-on specs, yet big enough to carry a bear canister horizontally.


  • 100% 400 Denier Robic Construction
  • Twin Stay Framesheet
  • Contoured Shoulder Straps
  • Front Shock Cord
  • Interior Mesh Laptop Sleeve
  • Dual Hipbelt Pockets
  • Solid Robic Side Pockets
  • Removable & Height Adjustable Pass-through Hipbelt
  • Roll-top Closure
  • 6 External Bottom & Side Compression Straps
  • Heavy Duty Zipper
  • Top & Bottom Bungee Cords for Longer Objects
  • Bear Canister Capable
  • Internal Split Mesh Zip Pocket
  • Internal Retention Straps




TOTAL VOLUME: 3,274 CI | 54 L


  • Main Body: 2184 CI | 35.8 L
  • Internal Zip Pockets: 210 CI |3.4 L
  • Left Side Pocket: 170 CI | 2.8 L
  • Right Side Pocket: 170 CI | 2.8 L
  • Extension Collar: 400 CI | 6.6 L
  • Left Hipbelt Pocket: 70 CI |1.1 L
  • Right Hipbelt Pocket: 70 CI | 1.1 L


MAIN BODY: 22 x 13 x 8.25
EXTENSION COLLAR: 9 x 13 x 8.25 (rolled 3x)
INTERNAL POCKETS: 8.5 x 13 x 1.5
SIDE POCKETS: 8.25 x 8.25 x 6 (stretched)



A: Yes. The Camino was designed with air travel in mind. At 22 x 13 x 8.25 with the collar rolled down, the Camino meets standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for carry-on luggage. However, it is always best to check with your specific airline before traveling, especially when flying with smaller airlines. Also, don’t forget to leave the bear spray, stove fuel, and pocket knives at home.


A: The Camino was designed for serious travel and backpacking. Built to be as comfortable on the trail as the Catalyst, the Camino features the same internal twin stay framesheet, shoulder straps, hipbelt, roll-top closure, and side pockets you know and love. The front panel loader, internal retention straps to hold everything in place, and internal zippered mesh split pockets allow more organization and easy access. Whether you’re hopping trains and chicken buses or hiking the Camino de Santiago, staying in a hostel or tent, the Camino has you covered from airplane to adventure.


A: If you are using an inflatable pad, we recommended storing it in the interior of the pack to avoid punctures. A foam pad can easily be secured to the bottom of the Camino with the dual compression straps or beneath the front shock cord compression. Although not necessary for optimum performance, positioning your sleeping pad into the interior of the Camino (against the back-panel) is also a good solution.

Alternately, you can build your own Camino and add a top Y-strap to carry your pad externally.


A: Yes. Nearly all bear cans on the market will fit in the Camino horizontally.

To see a chart showing what bear cans fit in what ULA packs (and how),  visit our blog post “Bears! Everything You Need to Know About Backpacking in Bear Country.


A: Each side pocket can accommodate two 1-Liter ‘Big Slam’ style bottles.

In general most people can reach back and retrieve a bottle, drink, and return the bottle to the pocket without removing the pack. 


A: The top of the pack closes like a dry bag (also known as a rolltop) very similar to what river runners use to create a water resistant seal for their gear bags. The back of the collar is slightly taller than the front. Once you are packed, the collar can be rolled down upon itself to effectively create a barrier to water penetration. Once rolled, each side of the collar can be buckled to the sides of the pack or the two yellow buckles on the top can also be fastened to each other.

The front zip panel loading design also allows for easy access to all your gear in an instant.


…the toughest standard fabric we’ve ever seen. Highly tear and abbrassion resistant, reinforced with a ripstop weave to increase tear strength and stitch holding capabilities. 100% Robic Nylon fabric with three-pass Teflon DWR and a three-pass PU Coating, making it highly water resistant.


9 reviews for Camino

  1. Brennan (verified owner)

    I just finished hiking the Camino de Santiago, the medieval pilgrimage route that starts in St. Jean Pied de Port in France, crosses the Pyrenees and northern Spain, and ends in the cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela, on the west coast of Spain, a distance of over 500 miles. The pack I chose for my journey was the ULA Camino, and I’m so glad that I did. It was perfect! The pack carried all of my clothes and other necessities (my base weight was 17 lbs.) and was very comfortable throughout, whether hiking steep hills or city streets. While the Camino is a bit heavier than other ULA packs, I chose it because it is very compact and durable, and still light weight. I also wanted a pack that I could carry onto the plane and would not have to check with other baggage. Its dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 (with the collar rolled down) allow for that.

    A fantastic backpack for travel and long distance hikes. My Camino pack is still in great shape!

  2. Hil H

    The Go Anywhere Do Everything Bag

    I have had my Camino for 5 years I think and it has held up so well – amazingly looks near new when it has been used like crazy. Yes, you can carry-on. If carrying a lot of gear – Put your day pack under seat and this overhead – land, open collar and insert daypack. This is the perfect bag. I’ve carried it on domestic everywhere, trans-Atlantic flights, Ryan Air, Vueling. And yes, works great on Chicken Buses and Trains too. Carried winter weight on a 100k through Italy, loved it each second of the Camino in Spain. The Rockies, PNW, midwest, southwest-countless trips. The access with zipper makes it perfect for blending business with exploration travel too. It has been too long since packed to fighting weight and today as filled it with my gear and bear canister to head to Glacier Bay I thought – I need to leave a review – I love this backpack.

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    Lashed to the back of a motorcycle in Vietnam, tossed around by rough luggage handlers, and months spend tramping in the bush in New Zealand. This pack has been with me for quite a few adventures now and it has held up beautifully. It is on the heavy side for a dedicated hiking pack, but if you are looking for a feature rich combination hiking-travel pack I doubt there are many (if any) other packs on the market that fill that niche as perfectly as the Camino 2.

  4. Christopher

    This pack has performed very well for me so far. The material and workmanship is first-rate. I will typically use this when my loads are on the heavier side (for me personally), as it is more comfortable than the other pieces I currently have at the higher weights. The only criticism I would offer is to have a better back panel design to facilitate cooling. When I use it now, it tends to get a bit hot back there at times. Other than that, the design, durability, and functionality is great. Definitely recommend.

  5. Drew Tyler

    The Camino 2 is a wonderful and versatile pack. I waited four years to give it a review and after trips through 16 different countries of all varying environments it’s passed with flying colors. The front panel and the top roll-flap make it adaptable to trekking and cramming in your gear from the top or staying in a hostel and using it as more of a suitcase. But the one selling point for me was how comfortable and adjustable it is for body-type. I’m 6’8″ and finding a comfy pack is near impossible but the Camino pulls it off wonderfully. Thanks for thinking of us tall folks!

  6. Chrissy

    I purchased the Camino in 2015 and used it full time on my 7 month Sabbatical around the world, including 500 miles of hiking the Camino del Norte to Santiago de Compostela, a lot of hostels, hut trekking and air plane rides. I carried between 20-30 lbs, no tent. I LOVED THIS PACK, although it came with a small defect. The zipper for the front access wouldn’t run smoothly because at one place the seam wasn’t properly sewn. But it was too late to replace it. Therefore, 1 star less. Also, after a while (but that was usual wear and tear, I would guess) the sealing layer inside of the side belt pockets began to dismantle. Anyways, the pack was the best what could have happened to me on the trip (except for the starting defect). After I came back, I bought a couple of other back packs, especially for alpine trekking (to store ice axe and cramps) or rock climbing (to store rope and climbing gear), but when it comes down to simple multi-day trekking to me the Camino is just the best and perfect all-rounder.
    To point out only what I found unique as compared to other packs:
    – front access; because I was packing and unpacking everyday (hostels, multi-day trekking), I found the front access particularly useful; a top-loader would have cost me too much time to find the stuff that I need, although it might have saved me a couple of ounces
    – hand straps: I know only packs that come with thumb loops which I find to hurt my fingers after a short while; I loved to rest my hands in the hand straps on long hikes
    – side belt pockets: wide enough to store phone, sun screen, granola bar
    – weight: the pack itself is fairly light weight
    – comfort: the pack was super comfortable and, if it didn’t feel right at the beginning of a long day, super easy to adjust to the weight I was then carrying.
    In addition:
    I personally didn’t find the straps for the water bottle too helpful. Either they wouldn’t fasten the bottle properly or the water insider the bottle would bounce too much due to my body movement. Instead, I would use the side pockets to store a water bottle which I could reach fairly easily while walking.
    – I also bought a ULA rain cover but lost that in a heavy storm. It may be better if it came with one that would be attached to the pack. But in the end, the pack dries fast and dry bags did the job as well.

  7. Randy Howell

    It’s the perfect pack for travel! I got mine a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Rodney’s salesmanship! Not a planned purchase. I’ve since used it on a couple of trips, taking this instead of my roller bag and small backpack. I’m so happy with this pack. I may never use my roller bag again! Excellent work!

  8. Ed

    After some deliberation I ordered a ULA Camino 2 for myself and my girlfriend, we’ve both had great experiences with them. I’ve taken mine on a 10 day trip that included a few flights to 3 different cities as well as 3 days of hiking and camping. It worked really well for this kind of travel, and I had more space than I needed. The pack is fairly light, and it carries well, I don’t think I had more than 30lbs in it at any time. The organization is good if you’re living out of it, and it was easy in airports and on planes. The zippers aren’t heavy duty, but the internal strapping system takes most of the strain off of them. The roll top seems kind of weird, and maybe unnecessary, but I did use it a little bit, so the jury’s out on that until I experiment some more. My experience with customer service by email with Chris was great, prompt responses and they shipped the bags very quickly.

  9. Ditch Abbott

    i have a number of packs, Some more for travel and some for backpacking. I wish i could give them all away since now that I have the Camino 2 i don’t think I will be using any of the others ever again. It is just that good. I have taken to Iceland, to Norway, to a ferry trip up the Maine coast, to cities across America. You have the room and configuration to travel the world. If you are not getting on a plane that day you can expand it. (if you are then wear more clothes to shrink to carryon size). It is light. It is durable, It is the perfect size for ensuring you don’t bring along too much stuff, which you don’t need. The straps and belt are serious equipment, not just there to make you think you can put this on your back.. I cant think of a single thing they did not get right with this pack. It probably costs more than some others. but had i found this first i would have never needed anything else.

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