Backpacking Resupply Strategy means replenishing your food and dry goods on a backpacking trip.

ULA 2023 Backpacker Gift Guide

Dec 1, 2023 | Gear, Mixed Bag


Trying to determine the perfect gift for you or your loved one can be difficult, especially with the amount of options, accessories, and different use cases out there!

We put together this gear guide to take out some of the guess work while shopping for others, or a starting point for those non-backpackers that have asked you what you want!

From our favorite small accessories to our largest capacity backpacks, this guide features all of our most trusted gear!


These are our most popular small backpack accessories and gear. From the ultralight bag-liner the Nylofume offers, to a place to park your bottom that’s not directly on the ground thanks to the Siesta Pad, these are some of the most common add-ons you’ll see on trail. All of these accessories are compatible with all of our backpacking pack models. The Internal Stash Pocket is great for keeping things like your wallet and keys well stored while out on trail, while the Flow can handle 750 mL and 1L Smart water bottles. With over 10 colors to choose from, replacing your shock cord is the quickest way to a pack that stands out.


Packable and practical! Both our pack cover and rain kilt are constructed from seamless 1.1 oz silicone impregnated ripstop nylon, granting you superior water protection. They can also pack into themselves via sewn in pocket making storage a breeze when the skies are clear. The Ultra Shoulder Strap pocket is compatible with all pack models and allows quick access to trail goods like snacks, maps, and cell phones. These are essentials for any trip!


A little off the beaten path, you can’t go wrong with any of these mid-range deals. The Alpha knife is meant for small trail tasks like cutting cordage and whole foods out of town, in an ultralight package that’s under 1 ounce. While the Burst grants a hip-pack that’s perfect for longer day hikes with a snack capacity that’s unmatched and two pockets for hydration. Our Duffle Bags are being phased out so this is the last chance to check a bag in style!


For multiple years in a row the Circuit and Catalyst have both appeared on the most popular thru-hiking pack lists. Whether you’re doing a full thru-hike or not, these packs allow for creature comforts and a reliably comfortable carry for those 12-15 hour days on trail. At 75 liters the Catalyst is our heavy hauler that’s great for trails that don’t have as many resupply points or longer water carries. The Circuit is the go-to for any journey as it’s still able to fit a BV500 inside but can be cinched down into a smaller package when the full 40 liters of the main body isn’t needed. If you have a more dialed in and ultralight kit, the frameless CDT is recommended for those with base weights under 10lbs and total pack weights of 25lbs. If you’re looking to shed even more weight, the CDT carries just as well with its hip-belt removed, just be aware that your total pack-weight should sit around 20lbs if you go this route.


Don’t let these packs “kid” you! Although meant for the groms, these packs can carry full loadouts with the best of them! The kid’s Circuit has the same carrying capacity as our standard Circuit at 35lbs and 68 liters, while the kid’s Spark can handle 30lbs in a neat 41 liter package! The biggest  difference between these and our standard packs is the adjustability of the torso. The kid’s packs can adjust from a 12″ to 18″ torso granting years of fun as they grow with the pack instead of out of it. We have plenty of shorter torso adults that fit in these packs and put them to the test, too!

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By trail, by plane, or by train, these bags handle every terrain. Our travel line pulls double duty giving you the storage and sleekness you crave while romping around the urban world, but are sturdy and feature full enough to let you hop on a trail for a multi-nighter should your adventure take you there. These packs are all FAA carry-on compliant and used by backpackers, one-baggers, and day hikers around the world!


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